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How LA is thinking it will update your voting experience

by Take Two®

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Voters cast their ballots at Echo Park Deep Pool in Los Angeles on Tuesday afternoon, Nov. 8, 2016. Maya Sugarman/KPCC

Officials are looking to new technology and tactics to bring people out to the polls and increase voter turnout.

"People expect there to be convenience and options, and we know that there are new populations of voters that the current system just isn't serving well," says Dean Logan, head of elections for LA County as its registrar-recorder.

One possibility is replacing local polling stations only open on election day with large, centralized voting centers that are open for days at a time.

"We know from the concept of having voting available on a date other than just a random Tuesday between 7 a.m. and 8 p.m. that people will show up," says Logan. "They want that convenience."

It would be a major change, though, so his staff will heavily consider where those centers could be located.

Officials might encourage the use of mail-in ballots, too, because people who vote that way are more consistent.

But from his research, certain populations are more apt to use it than others.

"Asian Americans are very likely to use vote by mail, and Latinos are more likely to go to polling places," he says. "Older populations are very comfortable and used to using vote by mail. But we also talked to younger voters who just don't rely on the postal service for anything in their regular life."

Listen to more and find out the security measures Logan is considering, too, to prevent vote hacking. Use the blue audio player above.


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