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DNA sampling may save sequoias and redwoods

by Take Two®

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MILL VALLEY, CA - AUGUST 20: Coastal Redwood trees stand at Muir Woods National Monument on August 20, 2013 in Mill Valley, California. A four-year study by the Save the Redwoods League called "the Redwoods and Climate Change Initiative" found that due to changing environmental conditions, California's coast redwoods and giant sequoias are experiencing an unprecedented growth surge and have produced more wood over the past century than any other time in their lives. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images) Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Head into the wilds of California and you'll be struck by the grandeur of two of the state's most iconic trees – the coast redwood and the giant sequoia. Both types of tree have grown for hundreds of years, but their future might be in jeopardy because of deforestation and climate change.

That's where scientists are stepping in with an ambitious project that's sampling their DNA. Take Two welcomed one of that project's leaders, Steve Salzberg, a professor of biomedical engineer at Johns Hopkins University.

Hear how the DNA needs to be collected by a tree climber. Use the blue audio player above.

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