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Magic Johnson

Cops as immigration enforcers, when fashion and politics collide, bringing the 'Magic' back to the Lakers

The Department of Homeland Security clamps down on immigration, the intersection of fashion and politics, bringing the 'Magic' back to the Lakers.

Kisha Michael and Marquintan Sandlin

Inglewood police shooting one year later, rush to citizenship, Human Voter Guide

Look back at a police shooting of two people in Inglewood one year ago. Legal permanent residents pursue citizenship. Voter game plan for March 7 election.

More rain to hit California, what it means to be ‘woke’, short film Oscar nominee, ‘The Railroad Lady’

California prepares for more rain, we ask what it means to be 'woke' in 2017, part one of this week's series featuring short film Oscar nominees 

Duarte Rain  -

LA Braces for biggest storm in 12 years, SoCal's decaying bridges, the Queen Mary hosts ScotsFestival

Los Angeles prepares for the largest storm in 12 years, LA bridges deemed "structurally deficient," Scottish Festival at the Queen Mary.

DCFS Hotline - 3

Oroville Dam braces for rain, is there racial bias in our foster care system, concerns over medical marijuana mold

Storm hits Oroville Dam area, is racial bias causing the high number of black children in foster care, medical marijuana mold may be dangerous for cancer patients.

dam sediment

Flood prevention at SoCal dam, undocumented immigrants and the economy, NFL tickets in LA get pricey

LA County works to prevent future flood at the Devil's Gate Dam, the role of undocumented immigrants in the US economy, and high prices ahead for NFL teams tickets