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Golden state political round-up, fighting for Chicano mural art, the first day of fall

Political round-up: from Bernie Sanders' return to the Dream Act, two muralists who fought and won for their Chicano wall mural, the staples of fall in L.A.

President Trump is expected to sign an order to begin building a new wall along the border line between Mexico and the U.S Wednesday. Here, the border is seen from the community of Sasabe in Sonora state, Mexico, earlier this month.

Aid to Mexico, rarely-seen corners of the U.S.-Mexico border, anticipating protests at the wall

Los Angeles efforts to help Mexico, a report takes us to the far reaches of the U.S.-Mexico border, how the law enforcement is anticipating protests at the wall.


The devastation of the latest Mexican earthquake, Hep A outbreak in LA county, LA river water quality

On the ground reporters who were present during the 7.1 earthquake in Mexico city, more on LA County's Hep A outbreak, LA river's dismal water quality.

Hundreds of immigration advocates and supporters attend a rally and march to Trump Tower in support of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, also known as DACA, on Wednesday in New York City.

A new DACA suit, Costa Mesa takes on SoCal's public restroom problem, Tuesday Reviewsday

A new DACA suit claims that rescinding the program violates recipients due process, Costa Mesa wants more public restrooms for the homeless, Rolling Stone's legacy.

Governor Brown Signs California Homeowner Bill Of Rights

California bill round-up: from housing to sanctuary state and all the big Emmy moments

An in-depth look at all of the consequential bills Governor Jerry Brown has signed or will sign into law. Then, a super-sized On The Lot highlights the Emmys.

This NASA Cassini Spacecraft image relea

Cassini's final mission, Golden state political news roundup, looking for P22

After 20 years, the Cassini spacecraft has ended its mission of surveying Saturn, it's deadline day in Sacramento, P22's journey to becoming an LA wildlife symbol.