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Photo by Jenni Konrad via Flickr Creative Commons

HighQ: Cashing in on California's cannabis boom

The number one question that I've gotten over the past six months while covering the marijuana industry is, "How can I make money off of 'the green rush'?"
A photo released Tuesday by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement shows people being arrested during an ICE operation.

Charles Reed/U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement/AP

Trump revives program turning peace officers into immigration deputies

The Immigration and Nationality Act allows ICE to deputize local law enforcement. Here are four things to know.

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The Styled Side: politics is in fashion

Fashion retailers are finding there's a benefit to being for or against President Trump
Janice Hahn

Stuart Palley for KPCC

Supervisor Hahn calls for investigation following Whittier officer's death

Whittier police officer Keith Wayne Boyer died Monday morning after he and his partner were on what appeared to be a routine traffic stop.  Suddenly, that routine stop erupted into gunfire.
Ennemis Interieurs

Movie poster for "Ennemis Interieurs"

Oscar nominated live action shorts: ‘Ennemis Intérieurs’

"I was hoping that they would understand on a human level...and maybe change the way they see things and the way they look at those foreigners..."
Magic Johnson Holds News Conference On Student Scholarships in Indiana

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Sports Roundup: Magic Johnson, Jeanie Buss and the future of the Lakers

Yesterday the Los Angeles Lakers announced a huge shake-up in the team. Mitch Kupchak, who had been general manager, and Jim Buss, former executive vice president of basketball operations, were both relieved of their duties and Hall of Famer Magic Johnson put in as President of Basketball Operations.

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Tuesday Reviewsday: Joe Young, El Michaels Affair and funk legend Clyde Stubblefield

Oliver Wang from Soul-Sides join A Martinez in the studio for Take Two's weekly new music installment - Tuesday Reviewsday.
The Supreme Court, pictured on election night. Republican President-elect Donald Trump now stands to reshape the court in his image, potentially for a generation.

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Supreme Court hears case on Mexico border shooting, could affect Trump immigration policies

Today the US Supreme Court takes on a case that could establish whether or not a non-citizen is protected by the Constitution if they are at a U.S. border.
Kisha Michael and Marquintan Sandlin

Frank Stoltze

Inglewood community still searching for answers, one year after officer-involved shooting

Two single parents were shot dead by Inglewood Police on the morning of February 21st, 2016. Here's where things stand one year on.
Supreme Court Rejects California Sentencing Law

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Officers say Props 47 and 57 made the streets dangerous. But there's no proof.

Law enforcement officers say their jobs are most dangerous because Props 47 and 57 put inmates back on the streets. Researchers say there's no evidence of that, just yet.