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LA's housing market has made West Adams hot

Five years ago, bungalows might have gone for $300,000. Now, they're at least $650,000.
Sen. Jeff Sessions Testifies At His Senate Confirmation Hearing To Become Country's Attorney General

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What Jeff Sessions means for California's legal marijuana industry

"Until people know what Trump/Sessions are going to do, it'd just be stupid to invest at this point," says drug expert Jon Caulkins.

How would you redesign the Chargers' logo?

See if your drawings are better than what the KPCC staff came up with.
California State Capitol Building

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CA budget, AG hearings, and a fight over a painting

Governor Jerry Brown braces for a budget deficit, dueling Attorney General hearings on opposite coasts, and a fight erupts over a painting on Capitol Hill.
California Storms

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Why it will take a 'family of baby Godzillas' to end the drought

Winter storms are bringing flooding and heavy snowfall to California this week. Could the state be reaching a point where the end of the drought is on the horizon?

Reading by Moonlight: upcoming releases, best book to screen adaptations

On this installment of Take Two's monthly segment on literature, Reading by Moonlight; the USC Libraries Scripter Awards, upcoming book releases, and keeping the tradition of literary criticism alive.
Fake news has been the news recently as it was especially prevalent throughout the entire presidential election and because of the impact it might have had on voters.

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Do you even news? Assembly Bill seeks to teach kids to spot fake news

Inspired by a study that revealed the dubious discernment skills of the nation's youth, AB 155 would make media literacy part of the curriculum.
Russian River Vineyards

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How heavy rains are affecting Northern California vineyards

The ongoing rain may be welcome news to parched California, but it's a mixed blessing for the north part of the state. How does the deluge affect wine growers?

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Auto companies trying to stay on Donald Trump's good side

The big three auto companies are taking a conciliatory approach toward Donald Trump's demands that they shelve plans to expand auto production in Mexico.
Chargers Broncos Football

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Chargers announce move to Los Angeles

The San Diego Chargers are moving to Los Angeles. A letter from team owner Dean Spanos posted Thursday morning on the team's website and Twitter account says the Chargers will make the move at the start of next season.