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Drop, Cover, Hold On

Great California Shake Out

Worse than San Andreas? Studying the Newport-Inglewood fault

Robert Leeper explains a Southern California fault line that may be less known, but may stand to be more dangerous for many Los Angeles residents.


Should the pot industry look like the alcohol industry?

In Sacramento right now there's a debate over how marijuana gets from farm to table.

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As a House vote approaches, parsing the high stakes of passing the American Health Care Act

Republicans are inching their way toward a House vote to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act.

Betto Arcos

La Bestia: Art exhibit focuses on train that transports migrants in Mexico

They call it La Bestia. It's a cargo train that runs across Mexico. Migrants hop on it, hoping to make it to the U.S. A new art show focuses on the train, and the people who ride it.
Kamala Harris Election Night -

Maya Sugarman/KPCC

Sen. Kamala Harris on health care, Russian interference and more

Take Two's A Martinez spoke with California Senator Kamala Harris about how she's taking on the big issues in Washington DC.

K2 Sports: UCLA continues into the NCAA ‘Sweet 16’

Andy and Brian Kamenetzky join Take Two for an NCAA preview and a look at UCLA’s freshman point guard, Lonzo Ball whose performance is turning heads.
california highway patrol chp

Photo by Todd Lappin via Flickr Creative Commons

CHP trades in SUVs for Dodge Charger black-and-whites

Just when you get used to the CHP driving SUV's, they pull a switch-er-roo.

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The Styled Side: Spring cleaning through consignment

If you're clearing out your closet, think about selling your clothes through a consignment shop, first, to make some extra cash.
Carol Romo

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Divided by deportation: A family's last chance to reunite

"I had to jump over those obstacles...if you don't help yourself, nobody is gonna help you," one woman's struggle to bring her parents back.

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Fear of deportation is driving immigrants to seek legal advice

More and more families are filling up the waiting rooms of free legal clinics like the one hosted by El Rescate in L.A.