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Santiago De Cuba Prepares For Visit Of Pope Benedict XVI

Cuba travel restrictions loosened, Mexican immigrant birth certificates, mysterious sea bird die-off

New changes are easing travel restrictions to Cuba. Plus, Mexican consulates in the U.S. can now issue birth certificates to its country's immigrants. And, a look at a mysterious die-off of sea birds along the Pacific Coast.


No Oscar noms for people of color, Leimert Park's renaissance, Chevy challenges Tesla

20 acting nominations, not one goes to an actor of color. Leimert Park, the cultural hub of black Los Angeles, and Chevy's electric Bolt may challenge Tesla.


Hollywood diversity, Al Qaeda & Paris, Facebook missing child alerts

Hollywood continues to fail at diversity, Al Qaeda says it was behind the Charlie Hebdo attack, Facebook's own version of Amber Alerts.

The sign in front of a Target store in Novato, Calif.

Kamala Harris bids for Boxer's seat, Target's plus-sized controversy, evolution of protest music

Kamala Harris has announced she will run for Barbara Boxer's open U.S. Senate seat. Target's new Lilly Pulitzer line will offer plus sizes, but only to Internet shoppers. And, a look at how protest music has evolved over the generations.


US counter-terrorism efforts, Golden Globes review, "Evolution of a Criminal" film

In light of the recent terror attacks in France, we get an update the status of counter-terrorism efforts in the U.S. Plus, the highs and lows of Sunday's Golden Globes, and a filmmakers examines what lead him to pull a bank heist at the age of 16.


Threats facing cartoonists, the music of 'Selma,' Andrae Crouch

Dutch cartoonist Tjeerd Royards discusses the threats cartoonists face around the world,how the music was chosen for 'Selma,' and remembering Andrae Crouch.