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Israel unrest, Dodger TV fight, drought etiquette and more

Today, we start with a discussion about the unrest between Palentine and Israel. Then, developers turn the Yo app into a tool that helps Israeli civilians. Plus, Time Warner and DirectTV continue their fight over the Dodgers, advice columnist Amy Alkon explains how to be a good person during a drought, creating patrons of the arts through crowdfunding, and much more.

Citibank To Cut 11,000 Jobs

Citigroup payout, Seeds of Peace, LA jitney cabs and more

Today on the show, reporter Sonia Nazario fills us in on the latest in the Central American migrant crisis. Then, the city of Bell to consider plan to shelter young migrants. Plus, USDA rescinds ban on cattle inspectors working in Mexico, before Uber and Lyft was the battle against jitney cabs, what California gets from Citigroup's $7B mortgage crisis payout, planting 'Seeds of Peace' in a time of conflict, plus much more.


Central American violence, Mars One, Richard Linklater and more

Today on the show, we start with a look at the latest in the Donald Sterling trial. Then, we discuss how Central American gangs affect the region's youth. Plus, some trips by U.S. students to Israel are on hold due to unrest, why people are scrambling for their chance to board a one-way trip to Mars, FIFA videogames, director Richard Linklater on his indie epic, "Boyhood," and much more.

66th Primetime Emmy Awards Nominations

Emmy noms, LAUSD minimum wage, deep sea live streaming and more

Today, we start with a look at a recent lawsuit over giving migrant children due process in immigration court. Then, Emmy nominations were announced this morning. Plus, a deep sea Internet cable live streams video and sound from the ocean floor, LAUSD significantly raises service employee wages, how you can track wildfire recovery with your cell phone, plus much more.


Honduras task force, Harry Potter update, Yuna and more

Today, we'll start with a look at what the Honduran government is doing to try and keep child migrants home. Then, J.K.Rowling thrills fans with "Harry Potter" update. Plus, the impact of Mexico's immigration policy on unaccompanied minor crisis, drought to blame for rise in fast food prices, former national team player John O'Brien on the future of US soccer, Yuna talks music and much more.

Protesters block the arrival of immigrant detainees who were scheduled to be processed at the Murrieta Border Patrol station in California on Tuesday.

LAPD immigration, Washington pot, Freeway Rick Ross and more

Today, we start with a discussion about the LAPD's plan to require judicial oversight for ICE holds. Then, community organizations provide aid to busloads of undocumented immigrants in Murrieta. Plus, Washington State's legal pot shops open for business — we talk to Seattle sole pot shop owner, a new memoir tells the untold story of drug kingpin 'Freeway' Rick Ross, LAPD Museum houses history of city's dark side, Tuesday Reviewsday and much more.