LAUSD Superintendent, women in war, SoCal drought and pools, cereal cake, Royals ban, world's funniest person, Tuesday Reviewsday and more

On Tuesday Take Two will address temporary LA Unified Superintendent Ramon Cortines, a documentary about boundary-breaking women in war, how Southern California's love for pools will fare during the drought, a recipe for a six-layer cereal cake, a contest for world's funniest person and more.

Charles Phoenix

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Guantamo Bay Gitmo

Guantanamo abuse, cybercrime, State of Affairs, gray water and more

Take Two will discuss Guantanamo abuse including force feeding. We will also look at a new report showing California as the top target in the United States for cybercrime. Also, recycling gray water is one way Californians may be able to deal with drought. And it's Thursday, so we'll have State of Affairs, a look at government in California.


Venezuela protest, translating 'Breaking Bad, narwhal science and more

Today on the show, we'll take a look at the continued protests in Venezuela. Then, the challenges in translating "Breaking Bad" for a Spanish-language audience. Plus, UC Berkeley hires its first Wikipedian in residence, Cal Poly reacts to its unexpected win, and much more.


Affirmative action, Crimea borders, Tuesday Reviewsday and more

On Tuesday Take Two talks about a controversial proposal to bring back affirmative action. We'll also talk about a survey conducted by a KPCC reporter about how many LA schools offer arts education. In light of Vladimir Putin's claim to Crimea, we discuss what it would mean if that region became a part of Russia. And it's Tuesday Reviewsday, so we'll look at new music.

Irish Whiskey Lucky Charms Cake

Missing Malaysia flight, earthquake science, GOP convention

KPCC's Take Two discusses Monday what we do know about the missing Malaysia flight. We also find out about earthquake science in light of Monday's "Shamrock Shake." Also, the GOP convention highlights two contrasting candidates. We look at LA Fashion Week and March Madness, as well as new films "Divergent" and "Veronica Mars."

Immigration Reform Activists Lobby On Capitol Hill

Obama deportations, earworm study, SXSW wrap-up and more

Today on the show, we'll start with a look at President Obama's review of U.S. deportation practices. Then, Hollywood Reporter music editor Shirley Halperin wraps up the SXSW festival for us. Plus, filmmakers of 'Better Living Through Chemistry' talk about the film, CVS us under fire for missing painkiller prescriptions, Sierra Madre's giant wisteria trees and much more.


Herbalife probe, Compton Mayor, Las Fotos Project, El Mayo, Popenomics and more

Today on the show, we'll start with a look at the FTC investigation into Herbalife. Then, is El Mayo the likely successor of the Sinaloa Cartel in El Chapo's absence? Plus, the Las Fotos Project teaches girls to document their lives through photography, Chilean-French rapper Ana Tijoux joins us from SXSW, the popularity of Pope Francis spurs increased interest in St. Francis, and much more.