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Report Places Los Angeles At Top Of List For City With Worst Traffic And Smog

Expanding clemency criteria, Napster politics, Signal Hill's 90th anniversary, Tuesday Reviewsday and more

Today on Take Two: The U.S. Supreme Court takes a look at the future of television. KPCC's Ben Bergman joins host A Martinez with a closer look at Aereo TV, controversial technology that some say could change the world of TV as we know it; next, we'll check in with Irma Munoz, president of Mujeres de La Tierra, to talk about pollution in Southern California; the Justice Department announced Monday that it will be expanding its clemency criteria. What does this announcement mean for the state of California and its overcrowded prisons?; Next, we'll talk about the 90th anniversary of Signal Hill. What makes this slice of L.A. special? This and more coming up on the show.

Mad World Book

New Wave, On The Lot, Pacific Crest, Rubin 'Hurricane' Carter and more

Some of the biggest names in technology like Google, Apple and Adobe are facing a class action suit for allegedly conspiring to keep employee wages down between 2005 and 2009. Jeff Elder has been covering this for The Wall Street Journal and joins host Alex Cohen to talk more; Facebook could be getting into the remittances market as the social networking site nears regulatory approval in Ireland. Then, we'll chat with author Gail Storey about her book, "I Promise Not to Suffer." Plus, we'll talk '80s New Wave with Lori Majewski; Then, LA Times’ Rebecca Keegan joins us for her regular Monday Hollywood update with On the Lot.

Boston Marathon Bombing Anniversary

Covered California numbers, Coachella kids, John Turturro and more

Today on the show, we'll start with the latest Covered California and how insurance agents are helping sign people up. Then, Boston Marathon bombing survivor Jennifer Hartman joins us to talk about her experience and the anticipation of returning to the finish line again. Plus, John Turturro takes on intimacy with comedy in 'Fading Gigolo,' Brokechella: Where Angelenos can get their music fix this weekend, and much more.

A sign for an appartment to rent is seen

Pot legalization, LA's rising rent, mountain lion mange and more

Today, on the show, we start with why Colorado lawmakers are rethinking some rules around legal pot sales. Then, Los Angeles moves to regulate private trash haulers. Plus, Ben Bergman reports on why rent is so unaffordable in L.A., details of Mexico's deal with armed groups in Michoacán still unclear, will Sriracha be moving outside of the city? Plus much more.

Michoacan protest

LA Register debuts, SoCal Michoacanos, Shepard Fairey and more

The new newspaper The Los Angeles Register debuts today. Does the city really need another newspaper? Then, the rise of armed groups in Mexico prompt hope, fear among LA's Michoacanos. Plus, Semana Santa huge boon for retail businesses in border towns, Shepard Fairey pays homage to album art in 50 Shades of Black art show, plus much more.

City Corruption

Mayor's budget, Bell scandal update, mapping bike accidents and more

Today on the show, we'll start with a look at Mayor Garcetti's new budget. Then, in San Diego, deportation holds drop after TRUST Act goes into effect. Plus, the Colorado River can turn deadly for self-guided adventurers, Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps comes out of retirement, A new city mapping project by MIT looks at which city streets have the most bike accidents, plus much more.