NFL domestic violence, immigrant education, kiddie cocktails, 'Cantinflas', Friday Flashback and more

On Friday, Take Two discusses punishments for NFL players who commit domestic abuse, preschool education for immigrants, cocktails for kids, the actor playing Latin American icon Cantinflas and a look at the week in news with Friday Flashback.

Ángel González

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Henry Diltz

California's link to polar vortex, Tuesday Reviewsday, photographer Henry Diltz and more

Weatherman Jeff Masters of Weather Underground will discuss what's causing the high temperatures in California as the East Coast prepares for another polar vortex. We'll review new music albums including one featuring acts from around the world re-interpreting Bob Dylan. Also, Fronteras Desk reports on a Phoenix development that would bridge the gap between rich and poor. Finally, photographer Henry Diltz shows how to keep rockin' into his seventies.


Obama's NSA speech, Whisky A Go Go turns 50 and more

Today on the show, we'll have analysis of President Obama's speech about changes to the NSA. Then, the Sunset Strip venue Whisky A Go Go turns 50 this year. How is it faring in a changing music landscape? Plus, Kenneth Branagh talks "Shadow Recruit," Gov. Brown declares a drought in California, plus much more.


Oscar nominations, earthquake myths, director Wong Kar-wai and more

Academy Award nominations were announced today! We'll speak with nominee, screenwriter John Ridley. Plus, we'll look at the economics behind Oscar-bait films. Then Senator Barbara Boxer discusses Congress's failure to extend unemployment benefits, California's ongoing struggle with deadly Valley Fever, and Caltech debunks some common earthquake myths. Finally, Director Wong Kar-wai talks about getting "The Grandmaster" to the big screen and much more.

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Forum reopening, NSA surveillance, Las Marthas, Net neutrality and more

Today on the show, we'll discuss Obama's upcoming speech on changes to the NSA. Then, the LA Forum is reopening today after a multimillion-dollar renovation. We'll hear from two former Lakers about their favorite memories at the venue. Plus, is our digital-dependent culture vulnerable to earthquakes? Finally, App Chat, 'Las Marthas' documentary and much more.

Kelly Thomas Trial

Kelly Thomas trial ends, Tuesday Reviewsday, 'Friday Night Tykes' and more

Today on the show, we'll speak with the father of slain homeless man Kelly Thomas about the not-guilty verdict in his wrongful death trial. Then, the ACA is still struggling to enroll Spanish-speaking people. Plus, the effect of novels on the health of your brain, this week's new music, "Friday Night Tykes" unveils the competitive world of Texas youth football and much more.

Hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler were the hands-down highlight of the deeply silly Golden Globes.

NSA changes, Golden Globes, Target fraud and more

First, we'll hear about the changes President Obama wants to make to the NSA. Can he get Congress to agree? Then, we'll hear more about the Target fraud case and whether they could have done more to prevent a cyberattack. Plus, we take a look at California's earthquake warning system, we discuss last night's Golden Globes show and more.