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magic sparks

Echo Park gang injunction, State of Affairs, LAUSD 'repairs not iPads' and more

Today on the show, we talk to reporter Erika Aguilar about the latest in the Echo Park gang injunction debate. Then we discuss how the Lakers ran out of eligible players Wednesday night but still managed to win the game. Also, Silver Lake is no longer considered the Eastside, LAUSD teachers are calling for "repairs not iPads," State of Affairs looks at the latest political news and much more.

Previews - Winter Olympics Day -3

Sochi scene, CVS tobacco ban, 'Tonight Show' leaves LA and more

Today on the show, we'll check in with a journalist covering the Winter Olympics in Sochi. Then, CVS will stop selling tobacco products in October and how the threat of relapse is ever present for recovering addicts, plus much more.

drug heroin addiction

Heroin's resurgence, Texas border apprehensions, Tuesday Reviewsday and more

Today on the show, we talk with reporter Sam Quinones about the resurgence of heroin in the US. Then, a rise in Texas border apprehensions poses humanitarian need. Plus, KPCC reports that the city of LA spends millions of taxpayer dollars on police union activities, our Tuesday Reviewsday critics look a new music and much more.


Philip Seymour Hoffman, California drought, Super Bowl betting and more

Today on the show, we'll take a look at the life of Philip Seymour Hoffman, who was found dead over the weekend. Why do so many celebrities suffer from drug addiction? Then, California got some rain over the weekend, but not enough to relieve the drought. What can people do to conserve water at home? Plus, a look at the latest entertainment news in On The Lot, restoration of Medi-Cal dental coverage comes too late for many, and much more.


Boehner's immigration push, Chinese New Year, microbead pollution and more

Today, we start with a discussion about Speaker John Boehner's push for a GOP immigration bill. Then, LA's large Salvadoran community to vote on their home country's national election for the first time. Plus, we visit a Chinatown temple preparing for Lunar New Year celebrations. Also, recipes for Chinese dumplings and for kicked up guacamole in preparation for Super Bowl XLVIII, high-tech handbags, and much more.

Representative Henry Waxman

Rep. Henry Waxman retires, Calif. drought, gun safety and more

Today on the show we start with a discussion about the retirement of Democratic Congressman Henry Waxman. Then, Gov. Brown is meeting with water managers to address California's drought issues. Meanwhile, GOP congressman introduce a bill to halt San Joaquin River restoration. Plus, can tech innovation make guns safer?, Pediatricians urge parents to secure their firearms, Tijuana suffers from slow Internet speeds, plus much more.