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Student loan relief, Ed O'Bannon vs NCAA, country music photos and more

Today on the show we start with a discussion about President Obama's latest student loan relief order. Then, the antitrust trial between former college athletes and the NCAA begins today. Plus, Brazil's passion for soccer runs deep through its history, a new exhibit at the Annenberg Space showcases rarely seen portraits of country music stars, and more.

Proposed Budget Cuts Threaten Funding For California Universities

UCLA biz school bias, Latino constituents, Colossus closing and more

Today on the show, a new study shows gender bias against female faculty. Then, A new study from USC suggests your name might be one of the reasons your local lawmaker isn't responding to your questions and requests. Plus, Kate Mulgrew talks "Orange Is The New Black," Shep Gordon on his fascinating career as a Hollywood talent manager, Magic Mountain's Colossus roller coaster is closing and more.

Sheriff deputy testimony, LGBT Nike, 'The Snowy Day' and more

Today on the show, an ex-sheriff deputy describes culture of abuse at LA County jail. Then, children crossing the US-Mexico border alone are being sent to military bases for shelter. Plus, a new exhibit about children's author Ezra Jack Keats, a look at the strange world of agents who represent kid actors, the story behind Nike's #BeTrue line for LGBT athletes, and more.


Voter apathy, Tiananmen Square at 25, Reza Aslan, 'WKRP in Cincinnati' and more

Voter turnout for yesterday's primary election in California turned out to be dismal as expected. Why do voters seem so apathetic? Then, a look back at the legacy of Tiananmen Square, 25 years later. Plus, Reza Aslan talks about his new L.A. series, The Writer's Room, actress Loni Anderson on reuniting with the cast of 'WKRP In Cincinnati' and more.

vote voter voting election French Presidential Elections - Second Round Voting

Election day! Voter turnout, renewable energy, transgender Medicare and more

Today is Primary Election day! We'll check in on voter turnout so far at the polls. Then, rooftop solar could see boost after new EPA rules on carbon cuts. Plus, a surge of migrants in South Texas overwhelms federal facilities, what skills are lost as emphasis on handwriting fades? Medicare will now cover sex change surgery, and more.

Anniversary Of Nuclear Disaster At Three Mile Island Marked Near The Site

Take Two for June 2, 2014

Today, what new EPA limits on power plant carbon emissions mean for California and alternative energy sources. Then KPCC's Annie Gilbertson kicks off her series showing how trauma and stress affect kids' learning abilities. Plus, we have a primer of what you need to know about the biggest races in Tuesday's election.