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86th Academy Awards Nominee Luncheon - Inside

Diversity in Hollywood, Kim Pham trial, #SaveRufus and more

Today on the show, we'll start with a look at UCLA's latest report on diversity in the entertainment industry. Then, Attorney General Eric Holder calls on states to rethink their voting ban for felons. Plus, drought hits Central Valley farmers hard, Frank Stoltze reports on the lack of sprinkler systems in many of LA's high rises, we get an update on the Kim Pham trial and much more.


Immigration reform, Dumb Starbucks, California drought and more

Today on the show we'll start with a look at the state of immigration reform, as advocacy groups plan to play hardball with GOP lawmakers. Then, Gov. Jerry Brown has two more years to reduce the California prison population. Our Tuesday Reviewsday critics introduce us to new tunes by Neneh Cherry, Romeo Santos and more.

Internet protest, Dumb Starbucks, NFL player Michael Sam comes out

On Monday we talk about the new list of the country's biggest givers in 2013. Also, what is the Dumb Starbucks in Los Feliz and why are people waiting in line so long for it? We'll also talk about what San Diego elections could mean for California. And Boy George tells us about his first album in 18 years and much more.

Bob Baker's Marionette Theater - 8

Obamacare addiction coverage, water shortages, Friday Flashback, LEGO movie

Friday we talk to local marionette legend Bob Baker on turning 90. Also, we find out what the Affordable Care Act addiction coverage means. Plus, despite rain, some California communities could soon run out of water. We also have Friday Flashback, a discussion with the LEGO movie's director and writer team and much more.

magic sparks

Echo Park gang injunction, State of Affairs, LAUSD 'repairs not iPads' and more

Today on the show, we talk to reporter Erika Aguilar about the latest in the Echo Park gang injunction debate. Then we discuss how the Lakers ran out of eligible players Wednesday night but still managed to win the game. Also, Silver Lake is no longer considered the Eastside, LAUSD teachers are calling for "repairs not iPads," State of Affairs looks at the latest political news and much more.

Previews - Winter Olympics Day -3

Sochi scene, CVS tobacco ban, 'Tonight Show' leaves LA and more

Today on the show, we'll check in with a journalist covering the Winter Olympics in Sochi. Then, CVS will stop selling tobacco products in October and how the threat of relapse is ever present for recovering addicts, plus much more.