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Yarn Crawl

Stay-at-home mothers on the rise, 'Heartbleed,' LA knitters roll out for yawn crawl, App Chat, more

Today on the show, we turn to Texas, where there's a debate going on over whether to offer Mexican-American studies as a statewide high school class. Then, we'll talk about another security breach that may have compromised username, passwords and credit card data. We'll end the show with Yarn Crawl L.A., a four-day event A Martinez recently paid a visit to.

Rwanda Commemorates The Country's 1994 Genocide

California voter turnout, zombie class, Rwandan reconciliation and more

Today on the show, California comes in dead last in Pew's latest election performance report. Then, are women in politics subject to a double standard? Plus, Michael Lewis's "Flash Boys" shows how Wall Street is rigged by high-frequency trading, SDSU offers its first zombies class to reanimate students, the long path of reconciliation for victims of the Rwandan genocide and much more.

Afghan Girl-Prosthetic Artistry

Scandal constituents, Afghan girl painter, KPCC Bracket Madness winner and more

Today on the show, we'll begin by talking about what happens to the constituents when a senator is scandalized. Then, we announce the winner of this year's Public Radio Bracket Madness. Plus, an Afghan girl who lost arm in war learns to paint in Los Angeles, how accurate is HBO's 'Silicon Valley' when it comes to the tech scene? How do you make biking and taking the Metro cool? Plus much more.

AIDS Healthcare Foundation Offers Free Meningitis Vaccinations

Meningitis scare, military mental health, 'Game Of Thrones costumes and more

Today on the show, we start with the recent slew of meningitis deaths in LA County. Then, the CDC releases a new report on the dangers of liquid nicotine used in e-cigarettes. Plus, a MLB player faces stigma about taking paternity leave, a proposal to split California into 6 states is close to getting on a ballot, how difficult is it for military personnel to get mental health help, and the women behind the intricate details on the costumes in "Game Of Thrones" talks about her process.

Fort Hood

Ft. Hood shooting, Landslide science, NFL cheerleader pay and more

Today on the show, we'll start with the latest in the trial of an SoCal Iraqi man accused of killing his wife. Then, Ft. Hood military base in Texas suffers a second tragic shooting less than 5 years. Plus, a California lawmaker calls for more sanctions against Russia, landslide science is not connecting to county planning in Washington State, why are NFL cheerleaders paid less then minimum wage, plus much more.


Campaign contributions ruling, min. wage hike, US-Mexico soccer and more

Today, we'll start with analysis of today's Supreme Court ruling, which removed federal limits on campaign contributions. Plus, how would a minimum wage hike help California families? Then, the U.S. battles Mexico in one of the last matches before 2014's World Cup, Rick and Kay Warren try to improve Christian churches' handling of mental illness, a new study says kids with lice don't have to miss school, plus much more.