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philippines haiyan

How Facebook can fight Ebola, Californians helping to rebuild in the Philippines, quidditch in real life

Facebook has a plan to expand Internet and cell phone access in Ebola-stricken areas, how Californians are helping to rebuild the Philippines one year after Typhoon Haiyan, and a documentary showcases real-life quidditch played by UCLA students


Congressional women, college 'success fees,' why we should care about net neutrality

The significance of 100 women in Congress simultaneously, what are student "success fees", and why no candidates campaigned on net neutrality.

Yo Voté

Election reaction, Latino influence in politics, apps that save money and maybe your life

Reaction and analysis to the GOP's big election night. Plus the future of Latino political power, and apps help you save money and stay safe on the road.

Why Taylor Swift broke up with Spotify

Campaigns and credit cards, Ebola doctor quarantines himself, Taylor Swift dumps Spotify

On Tuesday Take Two discusses how much candidates rack up on credit cards during campaigns, a doctor who worked in Liberia quarantining himself in California and why Taylor Swift decided to pull her new album from the free music streaming service Spotify and what this means for the music industry.

"Lucy" Exhibit To Open In Houston Amid Protests

Elections, ancient homonid Lucy 40 years after her discovery, Joan Didion biopic

Politics, politics, remembering the discovery of an ancient skeleton that shook up ideas about human origins, and a film in the works about writer Joan Didion.

Music Jeff Bridges

Ebola workers, CHP and nude pictures, Jeff Bridges music

Ebola workers in Africa, an investigation into alleged CHP nude picture trading of female arrestees and actor/musician Jeff Bridges on his latest live album.