Cleaning up California’s image, New York Police Department social media campaign goes wrong, travel apps that will help you get over jet lag and more

Today on Take Two: California legislature is trying to clean up its image after several high-profile scandals by implementing tougher ethical guidelines for politicians, KPCC’s Adrian Florido takes a look at the thousands of low income Angelenos left without health coverage due to a mix up; we talk to UC researcher Paul Gents to help us trace the origins of the domesticated pepper and more.


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Posters of ousted Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi amid the rubble of a protest camp in Cairo after Wednesday's crackdown by government forces.

Take Two for August 15, 2013

Cairo protests hit home for many Egyptian-Americans; Class-action lawsuit filed over Time Warner's CBS blackout; Oldest rock carvings in North America discovered in Nevada; Board to begin approving projects for California's cap-and-trade system, plus much more.

The Group Of Senators Dubbed The "Gang Of 8" Hold News Conference On Immigration Legislation

Take Two for August 14, 2013

Sen. Marco Rubio warns of immigration reform executive order; America's drug czar Gil Kerlikowske is moving on; Researchers say too much praise creates unmotivated children (poll); New $100 bills delayed further due to another production snafu; This year marks the 100th anniversary of the T-shirt. We take a look at the fashion icon's SoCal roots, plus much more.

Sheriff: Victim 'In Every Sense of the Word'

Take Two for August 13, 2013

Today on the show, we talk about how LAUSD's new school year starts with extra security. Then, what does Gov. Brown's AB 1266 means for transgender students in public schools?; Tuesday Reviewsday: KT Tunstall, Wild Feathers, Washed Out; Border town deportations can be dangerous for migrants, plus much more.

Attorney General Holder Testifies To House Appropriations Committee On Justice Dept. Budget

Take Two for August 12, 2013

Today on the show, we talk about whether ending mandatory minimum sentences can help California's prison overcrowding problems. Plus, embattled San Diego Mayor Bob Filner leaves therapy early, we debate whether Elon Musk's Hyperloop transportation system actually work?, we learn about a program that keeps lesser-used languages alive by teaching immigrants' kids, plus much more.

Silver Fire - Thursday

Take Two for August 9, 2013

How are sequester cuts affecting CA's ability to fight wildfires?; Immigrant spared from deportation over pot bust 20 years ago; The woman behind the chemistry on 'Breaking Bad'; Can relocation save the endangered Mojave desert tortoise?; How does Netflix's algorithm know what you want to watch?; 'Real World' star and AIDS activist Sean Sasser dead at 44; is the latest hotbed of cyberbullying among teens, plus much more.

Take Two for August 8, 2013

Today on the show, we'll talk about a new report that says California's larger wildfires are due to climate change. We hear from a New York Times reporter about how Colorado farmers are cautiously growing hemp. In addition, New York is now offering parents low-interest loans to pay for childcare. Could that work in LA? Prison officials are questioning the motives of some of the hunger striking prisoners in California. Plus much more.