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MOCA Philippe Vergne

Meet MOCA's new director, Filipino farmworkers, The English Beat and more

Today on the show, we'll start with a discussion about the 5-year FBI investigation that lead to the arrest of State Sen. Leland Yee. Then, John Rabe introduces us to Philippe Vergne, the new director at MOCA. Plus, how Filipinos contributed to the farmworkers' movement, Dave Wakeling of The English Beat stops by to play some tunes, bartenders are struggling amid a lime shortage and more.

San Francisco Mayoral Candidates Campaign One Day Before Election

Sen. Leland Yee arrest, Venice safety, college sports union and more

Today on the show we'll begin with a look at the FBI sweep of California Senator Leland Yee and Raymond 'Shrimp Boy' Chow. Then, new legislation could bring universal preschool to California. Plus, officials want to make Venice safer, but could changes kill the culture? Could medical marijuana ease PTSD symptoms? Plus much more.

Americans Sign Up For Health Insurance On ACA Deadline Day

ACA enrollment extended, California split proposal, San Bernardino Airport and more

Today on the show, Obama extends the deadline for ACA enrollment to mid-April. Then, a joint effort between the U.S. and Mexico hopes to revitalize the Colorado River Delta. Plus, our weekly roundup of the latest in sports, Chinook salmon begin their journey to the sea via truck, San Bernardino Airport hopes to woo international travelers and much more.


Maker Studios, overprotected kids, tech diversity, Tuesday Reviewsday and more

On Tuesday Take Two will talk about the plans Disney has to buy Maker Studios, which creates video content for millenials. Also, the show will discuss if overprotecting kids causes them to be less creative and more fearful. Take Two will also talk to a former NAACP president who is trying to create more opportunities for people of color in the tech industry. And it's Tuesday Reviewsday so the show will take a look at the latest in music.


Women and DUIs, Storybook houses, FLOTUS in China, On the Lot

On Monday Take Two discusses the trend of DUIs rising among certain groups of women. Also, what effect do Michelle Obama and her style have in the U.S. and in China? Take Two will talk about Storybook houses that are scattered throughout Los Angeles and look like something from a fairy tale. And KPCC goes "On the Lot" to discuss the latest in film.

Muppets Most Wanted

ACA deadline, Friday Flashback, grim sleeper, Yosemite peak and more

On Friday Take Two will discuss the looming deadline to sign up for healthcare. We'll also talk about the grim sleeper, one of LA's most notorious killers, who is back in the headlines again. Also, controversy is brewing over who gets the naming rights to a Yosemite peak. We'll discuss the latest Muppets movie with writer Nick Stoller. And since it's Friday it's time for Friday Flashback.