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metro red line

OC kidnapping, Metro fees, 'The Love Punch', creative placemaking and more

Today on the show, we'll have an update on the alleged kidnapping in Orange County in which a woman claims to have been held captive for 10 years. Then, Metro will decide today whether to raise fees. Plus, undocumented millennials show stronger ties after DACA, In 'The Love Punch,' actor Pierce Brosnan gives the comedic caper a try, the first Native American woman to be a federal judge takes oath, and much more.

Sterling charges, NFL injuries, veteran health, 'Think Like A Freak' and more

Today on the show, we start with an update to the Donald Sterling saga. The NBA has charged the Clippers owner with damaging the league and the team. Then, a Pentagon official warns of the possibility of war in space. Plus, how doctors are turning to ecstasy to help patients with PTSD, 'Freakonomics' authors explain why it's important to 'Think Like A Freak', birds of prey across Southern California show sharp drop in breeding and much more.

Fish Kill

Fish kill, New York heroin, pics of playgrounds past and more

Today on the show, we'll start with a discussion of how homeowners can adjust to the increasing risk of wildfires. Then, a mysterious fish kill in Marina Del Rey worries climate scientists. Plus, how New York became a hub for the heroin trade, photographer Brenda Biondo captures images of playgrounds past, medical researchers enlist Psilocybin to help fight addiction, and much more.

Timothy Leary

Take Two for May 19, 2014

On Take Two today, the US has charged five people in the Chinese Army with cyber-spying. We'll find out if it will increase the tension between the US and China, AT&T says it will buy DirecTV, plus, psychedelic drugs are back and they're in the hands of scientists. And we'll get the latest news from Hollywood with our regular segment, On The Lot with Rebecca Keegan. That and a whole lot more.


Atwater oil spill, Mendez vs. Westminster, Intel science fair and more

Today on the show, we'll talk about the Atwater oil spill. Do crude oil pipelines run through your neighborhood? Then, Japanese fans loyal to original Godzilla have doubts about another US remake. Plus, California honey production dwindles as drought continues.

California Heat Wave

San Diego fires, rape kit processing, 'Hotel California,' 'Godzilla' SFX and more

Today on the show, we'll start with an update on the numerous wildfires burning through much of the San Diego area. Then, the processing of rape kits is still full of complications. Plus, how did The Eagles' "Hotel California" become so ubiquitous? Author Kate Fagan shares her 'Reappearing Act' in new book, "Godzilla" special effects master Jim Rygiel explains how he and an army of artists recreates Japan's most famous monster, and much more.