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California doctors head to Liberia, drugs in Nicaragua, BP oil spill mess remains

California doctors head to Liberia to help Ebola patients, the BP oil spill four years later and the Clippers opening their season without Donald Sterling as owner.

Antares Rocket explodes!

Antares rocket explosion, buying drugs online, Jeff Garlin, Ceci Bastida

A set back for the private space program, people who buy drugs online that are often counterfeit or substandard, and a San Francisco lab studies the Ebola virus.

World Series Royals Giants Baseball

State vs. fed Ebola response, a cosmetic surgery convention, and learning to speak Dothraki

Ebola response at the state and federal level, a cosmetic surgery convention, and from Game of Thrones, learning to speak Dothraki.

Britain Ebola Vaccine

Ebola nurse volunteer, why Brazil likes immigrants, Andrew Carnegie's love for public libraries

A nurse working in the Ebola zone, why Brazil welcomes immigrants, and why Stephen Hawking joined Facebook.

Doctor Quarantined At NYC's Bellevue Hospital After Showing Symptoms Of Ebola

ISIS women, Ebola fear, 'The Odyssey' project

How ISIS recruits women, the fear of Ebola in light of a case in NYC and an event that tackles Homer's "The Odyssey" with a group reading.

Police Shooting Missouri

Michael Brown autopsy, race in America, George Clinton's new memoir

The leaked Michael Brown autopsy, a new book "Who We Be: The Colorization of America" looks at racial attitudes and George Clinton shares the evolution of funk.