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Same sex marriage, airstrikes in Iraq and Syria, teacher diversity, costly King fire, Navajo power, NOAA climate and more

On Monday, Take Two will discuss SCOTUS possibly deciding more on same sex marriage, US-led airstrikes continuing in Iraq and Syria, how the $53 million King fire is being financed, teacher diversity, the effects of metropolitan growth in Phoenix, NOAA teleconference on extreme global weather and more.


Canada banks on wasabi, why experimental Ebola vaccine is still not available to public, ESPN suspends writer

On Friday, Take Two discusses why it has taken so long for the experimental Ebola vaccine ZMapp to make its way through bureaucratic red tape. We'll also look at ESPN's punishment of longtime writer Bill Simmons, why food allergies are on the rise and much more.

Steve Ballmer

Steve Ballmer on his new role as Clippers owner, why food allergies are on the rise, drivers licenses for undocumented immigrants

On Thursday, Take Two sits down with Steve Ballmer to talk about his new role as Clippers owner. Then, we'll discuss an effort to bring attention to the Valley's art scene, why food allergies are on the rise and what's next for California's plan allowing undocumented immigrants to qualify for drivers licenses.


Fighter jet in Syria, reducing stray dogs and cats, Larry Wilmore on 'Black-ish', soccer and brain trauma, climate change, 'Boxtrolls' and more.

On Wednesday, Take Two will discuss the military using a $70 billion F-22 fighter jet in Syria, a prize for solving the problem of stray cats and dogs, The Daily Show's Larry Wilmore on new show "Blackish," the possible soccer and brain trauma connection, a climate change report, new film "Boxtrolls" and more.


The influence of religion, climate change and greenhouse gases, walking your dog without a leash, and more

On Tuesday, Take Two discusses a new Pew Research study that finds Americans believe religion is losing influence in their life, what could be just as bad for the environment than CO2, L.A. new system to enforce dog-leash laws, the latest in music for Tuesday Reviewsday, and much more.

Rape as a weapon of war, importance of estuaries, new regulations for extra virgin olive oil, and more

On Monday, Take Two discusses how terrorist groups like the so-called Islamic State use rape and sexual violence as a weapon of war, the importance of local waterways, new regulations for extra virgin olive oil and much more.