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Raindrops are seen on a vehicle's windsh

LA Rain, religious freedom bills, SoCal drought, SB 1062, and more

Today on the show, we'll chat with Twitter pal Los Angeles Rain. Then, we'll talk sports with Andy and Brian Kamenetzky. Plus, the clock is ticking for Arizona Governor Jan Brewer. What will she decide to do with SB 1062? How could protests affect US-Venezuela relations? Find out why sudden rainstorms are bad for drought-stricken land. This and more on Take Two.

NLCS - St Louis Cardinals v Los Angeles Dodgers

Dodgers SportsNet LA, desalination pros and cons, Tuesday Reviewsday and more

Today on the show, we start with the Dodgers' new SportsNet LA channel. Then, high demand for new WWE network causes tech problems for fans. Plus, the Pentagon proposes a cut to Army funding for 2015, can desalination help relieve drought in California? Native plant gardens can bring more than city rebates to your property, plus much more.


Venezuela unrest, El Chapo arrested, Oscar accounting and more

Today, we'll start with an update on the deadly protests in Venezuela. Then, Mexico arrests wanted drug lord Joaquin 'El Chapo' Guzman in a joint effort with the U.S. Plus, Jason Collins becomes first openly gay player in the NBA, we meet the accountants behind the closely guarded Academy Awards votes, and much more.


Gov. Brown on drought, DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson, Safeway on sale and more

Today on the show, California Gov. Jerry Brown joins us to discuss the state's water woes. Then, Dept. of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson talk about immigration reform and border security. Then, we take a look back at the week's news in the Friday Flashback, aggressive Academy Awards campaigns push for Oscar votes, Safeway may put itself on the auction block and much more.

Southern California Deals With Aftermath Of Deadly Train Crash

Metrolink changes, water politics, WhatsApp sale and more

Today on the show, we'll start with Metrolink's new collision avoidance system. Then, how will Gov. Jerry Brown spend $687.4 million on drought relief? Plus, aggressive Academy Award campaigns push for Oscar votes, MillerCoors releases new beer marketed toward Millenials, Egypt's Oscar-nominated 'The Square' tells the story of unfinished revolution and much more.

Obama Departs White House For North American Leaders Summit In Mexico

Obama in Mexico, salt in Sochi, pretzel battle and more

Today, we'll start out with a discussion about Obama's visit to Mexico. Then, changes to the LAPD's deadly force policy will impact how officers deals with the mentally ill. Plus, a salt shortage in Sochi almost impacts the Olympics, Trader Joe's is in the middle of a battle over its popular pretzel snacks, and much more.