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Obama And Biden Meet With Tech CEO's At White House

Obama meets with tech CEOs, philanthropic kids, NBA diets and more

Today on the show we'll talk about President Obama's meeting with tech CEOS. Then, a judge says that NSA spying campaign is likely unconstitutional, a new report shows that mental patients bussed out of state by a Nevada hospital committed crimes, the LA Lakers put their players on a diet, Tuesday Reviewsday covers new tunes by Beyonce, Mac Miller and more.

Federal Reserve Board Of Governors Meet To Discuss Volcker Rule

ACA update, holiday air travel, 4th Trimester Bodies Project and more

Today we start with an update on the ACA's enrollment efforts. Then, the Senate is supposed to confirm Janet Yellen as next chief of the Federal Reserve. Plus, we'll get an update on what's happening in Hollywood and learn how new mothers can cope with postpartum body issues, plus much more.

Tom Hanks

Remembering Newtown, Tom Hanks, La La Brooks and more

Today on the show, we'll look at the state of gun control one year after the shooting at Sandy Hook school in Newtown, Conn. Then, we meet a 10-year-old from Woodland Hills who turns guns into artwork. Plus, Tom Hanks joins the show to talk about becoming Walt Disney in "Saving Mr. Banks" and singer Lala Brooks comes on to talk about coming of age in the era of funk, plus much more.

08 Regina Zodiacal - Pregnant in Prison Prisoners Child Childcare

Asiana crash report, Pregnant in Prison, modern sleep habits and more

Today, we'll talk about a new report that looks at what factors lead to the Asiana Airlines flight 214 crash. Then, A new Pew study says the gender pay gap is falling and that minority women aspire to reach top jobs, MS-13 gang members arrested for meth trade, KPCC's Deepa Fernandes looks at what it's like to be pregnant in prison, plus much more.

House And Senate Budget Chairs Unveil New Government Funding Plan

Budget deal, US-Cuba relations, Mexico oil drilling, Cowgirl Creamery and more

Today on the show we'll start by discussing the recent budget deal reached in Congress. Then, there has been much ado about President Obama's handshake with Cuba's Raul Castro. Where do US-Cuba relations stand? We'll have a roundup of the latest sports news and dig into a story about claims that migrants at the US-Mexico border have suffered abuse at the hands of border agents. Also, the founders of Cowgirl Creamery join the show to talk about their new book and offer tips on how to serve a cheese course.

LA Sheriff's Dept. scandal, Denver's pot editor, Kurt Sutter and more

Today on the show we'll have an update on the L.A. Sheriff misconduct scandal. Then, we'll talk to the Denver Post's new cannabis editor, we'll look at protests in San Francisco against gentrification from tech giants like Google, Rep. John Lewis tells us about Nelson Mandela's memorial service and explains what impact he had on civil rights, plus much more.