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la smog

Metro LAX plan, California smog levels, David Broza and more

Today on the show, we'll look at the MTA's plan to connect rail lines to LAX and why they scrapped a proposal to bring the line right into the airport. Plus, a new report shows that air pollution levels in certain California cities are not at ideal levels, our Friday Flashback looks at the week's biggest stories, David Broza's new album hopes to push for peace in the Middle East, your SoCal rain dance songs and much more.

High rents on the West Coast, LA Times Homicide Report, Rick Caruso and more

Rents in West Coast cities are on the rise. Rep Mark Takano joins us to talk about what's happening in the Inland Empire, where people are spending up to 50 percent of their income on rent. Then, LA Times revamps its Homicide Report blog, vigilantes in the Mexican state of Michoacan face off against Knights Templar drug cartel, and developer Rick Caruso explains why his outdoor mall model is such a hit, plus much more.

Center For American Progress Hosts 10th Anniversary Conference

State of the State, tour buses investigation, cleaning up outer space and more

On Wednesday Take Two covers the State of the State address live. We'll also talk about the latest in the tour bus investigations following a series of crashes. Then we'll find out about the issue of cleaning up outer space junk, or debris left behind.

Henry Diltz

California's link to polar vortex, Tuesday Reviewsday, photographer Henry Diltz and more

Weatherman Jeff Masters of Weather Underground will discuss what's causing the high temperatures in California as the East Coast prepares for another polar vortex. We'll review new music albums including one featuring acts from around the world re-interpreting Bob Dylan. Also, Fronteras Desk reports on a Phoenix development that would bridge the gap between rich and poor. Finally, photographer Henry Diltz shows how to keep rockin' into his seventies.


Obama's NSA speech, Whisky A Go Go turns 50 and more

Today on the show, we'll have analysis of President Obama's speech about changes to the NSA. Then, the Sunset Strip venue Whisky A Go Go turns 50 this year. How is it faring in a changing music landscape? Plus, Kenneth Branagh talks "Shadow Recruit," Gov. Brown declares a drought in California, plus much more.


Oscar nominations, earthquake myths, director Wong Kar-wai and more

Academy Award nominations were announced today! We'll speak with nominee, screenwriter John Ridley. Plus, we'll look at the economics behind Oscar-bait films. Then Senator Barbara Boxer discusses Congress's failure to extend unemployment benefits, California's ongoing struggle with deadly Valley Fever, and Caltech debunks some common earthquake myths. Finally, Director Wong Kar-wai talks about getting "The Grandmaster" to the big screen and much more.