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Take Two for October 28, 2013

This week we launch our series on the Los Angeles Aqueduct. First, we hear why building the LA Aqueduct was the city's 'original sin'. Then, producer Meghan McCarty takes us on a trip to the source of LA's water. Later, we discuss whether a little inflation actually be good for the economy?; Latino political donors push GOP to move on immigration reform; The image and influence of California's organized labor; Odd Hollywood Jobs: The spookiest prop house in showbiz; On The Lot: drama, biopics and more.

Merkel And Sarkozy Meet Over Euro

Take Two for October 25, 2013

Foreign leaders find NSA spying by US 'an abuse of trust'; Mexico puts a stop to GMO corn production; California issues largest campaign donor violation fine to two groups; Sriracha hot sauce gets its place at the table; Alan Weisman's 'Countdown' explores Earth's population capacity, plus much more. Elizabeth Mitchell takes a new twist on the Christmas album with 'The Sounding Joy', plus much more.

Immigration Rally

Take Two for October 24, 2013

Today on the show, we hear about how immigration reform activists are turning to more aggressive and risky tactics to get their point across. Plus, California changes guidelines on how to deal with mentally ill inmates. Emily Bazar returns to answer listener questions about Obamacare and taxes, Feral cows are threatening visitors to Chino Hills State Park, plus much more.

Walt Disney Concert Hall

Take Two for October 23, 2013

Today on the show, we'll take a look at a new Pew study that finds the majority of Hispanics in US say their community lacks a leader. Then, we talk to Frank Gehry about his iconic design for the Disney Concert Hall on it's 10th birthday. From the Fronteras Report, David Martin Davies reports on the popularity of Rep. Ted Cruz and his father in the Lone Star State, plus much more.

Activists Protest House Farm Bill Plan To Cut Food Assistance Program

Take Two for October 22, 2013

Families on food stamps face cuts to benefits on November 1; Study finds breast milk sold online is often tainted with bacteria; 'Back To Normal' and the misdiagnosis of mental illness in children; Tuesday Reviewsday: Lorde, Pusha T, Gretchen Parlato and more; How the rising jellyfish population poses a threat to humans and sea life; California's newest cities face extinction; More Americans open to online dating, Pew says and much more.

Bay Area Rapid Transit Workers Go On Strike

Take Two for October 21, 2013

LA Dodgers management looks ahead to next season; What is the status of the House's immigration reform effort?; BART strike in Bay Area enters its fourth day; How depictions of slavery in film have evolved; Even the smallest pests can wreak havoc on your car; Charles Phoenix uncovers retro gems in Sacramento; How climate change may transform the Bay Area's landscape, plus much more.