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House And Senate Budget Chairs Unveil New Government Funding Plan

Budget deal, US-Cuba relations, Mexico oil drilling, Cowgirl Creamery and more

Today on the show we'll start by discussing the recent budget deal reached in Congress. Then, there has been much ado about President Obama's handshake with Cuba's Raul Castro. Where do US-Cuba relations stand? We'll have a roundup of the latest sports news and dig into a story about claims that migrants at the US-Mexico border have suffered abuse at the hands of border agents. Also, the founders of Cowgirl Creamery join the show to talk about their new book and offer tips on how to serve a cheese course.

LA Sheriff's Dept. scandal, Denver's pot editor, Kurt Sutter and more

Today on the show we'll have an update on the L.A. Sheriff misconduct scandal. Then, we'll talk to the Denver Post's new cannabis editor, we'll look at protests in San Francisco against gentrification from tech giants like Google, Rep. John Lewis tells us about Nelson Mandela's memorial service and explains what impact he had on civil rights, plus much more.

Mercer 16466

LA and the 'Big One', spying in online games, the U.S. meat industry and more

Today on the show, Lucy Jones warns about the impact of a large earthquake could have on Los Angeles. Then, U.S. and British spy agencies have been infiltrating online games like World of Warcraft. In her new book, "In Meat We Trust," author Maureen Ogle takes a look at how the US meat industry shaped our identity, plus much more.

Robben Island Press Conference

Nelson Mandela's legacy, boar hunting, Hopi art and more

Today we take a look at Nelson Mandela's fight to end apartheid in South Africa, and we discuss his influence on the American film industry. Then, a French court will decide whether Hopi objects are sacred or art, a Goya painting makes its West Coast debut, the Academy of Motion Pictures celebrates the films of 1913, plus much more.


E-cig regulation, curbing homeless violence, Anjelica Huston and more

Today on the show, we'll discuss the LA City Council's decision to regulate e-cigs, and learn about how they work. Then, how can law enforcement better deal with mentally ill homeless people? Also, Mexican drug cartels are infiltrating the avocado farming industry, Emily Bazar discusses how Covered California will work for both legal and non-legal immigrants, and much more.

El Mandril Show

What's a co-pay? Insurance Q&A, holiday manners, missing DDT and more

Today on the show, KPCC health reporter Stephanie O'Neill helps define those often-confusing health insurance terms. Then, local scientists are on the hunt for missing DDT off the coast if Palos Verdes. A judge's ruling in the Detroit bankruptcy may have a ripple effect on public pensions in California. The curious case of the missing Spanish-language radio show, El Mandril. Slate's Emily Yoffe offers her advice for the holidays and a photographer turns his lens on the cinema scene in Afghanistan.