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Take Two for October 16, 2013

What would happen if the US government were to default?; Biggest roadblocks to Asian mental health may come from within; The Band's Robbie Robertson on the music that changed the world; Study shows anti-gay sentiment is underestimated; The struggle over Bitcoin's future; Sports Roundup: Dodgers must win, Puig under fire; App Chat: Guilt-free entertainment for your kids, plus much more.

Relatives of victims of the slaugther of

Take Two for October 15, 2013

Supreme Court to hear arguments in Michigan affirmative action case; Why aren't the NFL's first minority Super Bowl winners in the Hall Of Fame?; Marine base expansion in Joshua Tree faces opposition; DNA from LA area immigrants could solve painful mysteries from Guatemala's civil war; The Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta's fragile ecology, plus much more.

Northridge Earthquake

Take Two for October 14, 2013

The LA Times reports more than a thousand of LA's older, concrete buildings are at risk of collapse when an earthquake strikes; Die-hard Dodgers fans talk about their pre-game rituals and superstitions; Central Valley farmworker who are close to fresh food, yet struggle to find some to put on their own tables; Meet the agent who casts laugh tracks for a living; Congressman Adam Schiff about the ongoing government shutdown; KPCC's Erika Aguilar on the growing questions of safety on USC's campus; and more.

Mayor Garcetti And Gov. Brown Sign Bill Allowing Illegal Immigrants Driver's License Eligibility

Take Two for October 11, 2013

The latest bills to be signed by Gov. Jerry Brown; Budget standoff turns off the tap on craft brewers; Friday Flashback: Paul Ryan, John Boehner's approval rating and more; 'Escape From Tomorrow' director on filming under Disney's nose; Richard Buckner on his new album 'Surrounded', plus much more.

Markets Slide Downward As Government Shutdown Enters Second Week

Take Two for October 10, 2013

How is Wall Street reacting to the government shutdown?; LA Mayor Eric Garcetti looks back at his first 100 days in office; Shutdown puts scientists' Antarctica research on ice; Downtown LA's Grand Park celebrates its 1st anniversary; Nobel Prize in Literature goes to Canadian writer Alice Munro, plus much more.

iPads in Schools

Take Two for October 9, 2013

Poll: Most Americans confused about the debt ceiling; LA schools and iPads: Big promises but where's the research?; App Chat: Tools to make travel more bearable; Sports Roundup: LA Dodgers, NCAA drama, Frontline doc; 'Justice For My Sister' doc examines femicide in Guatemala, plus much more.