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Hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler were the hands-down highlight of the deeply silly Golden Globes.

NSA changes, Golden Globes, Target fraud and more

First, we'll hear about the changes President Obama wants to make to the NSA. Can he get Congress to agree? Then, we'll hear more about the Target fraud case and whether they could have done more to prevent a cyberattack. Plus, we take a look at California's earthquake warning system, we discuss last night's Golden Globes show and more.

Diane Von Furstenberg

Diane von Furstenberg, Obama's 'Promise Zones', The Record Company and more

Today, we'll start with a look at Obama's plan to designate "Promise Zones" in cities to combat poverty. Then, Designer Diane von Furstenberg's iconic wrap dress turns 40. We'll take a tour of a local exhibition honoring the design. Then, LA band The Record Company stops by KPCC for an interview and a live set of their new music. Plus, the latest on the Kelly Thomas trial, Jahi McMath, and whale watching in SoCal.

California Gov. Jerry Brown.

Colorado pot prices, undocumented lawyers, Gov. Brown's budget and more

Today, we'll talk to a Colorado pot shop owner to hear how business is booming, one week after the drug was legalized in the state. Also, we'll hear from two chefs about how to incorporate cannabis into meals. Then, Governor Jerry Brown releases his latest budget. We'll learn about what's in it and what it means for California. Then, we'll learn about the public image of Nicaragua's first lady, plus much more.

A homeless man sleeps under an American flag blanket on a park bench in New York City. New U.S. data reports a drop in the number of homeless people — but not in New York and other states.

War on poverty, Lee Baca's legacy, etiquette lesson, Airbnb party house and more

Today, we'll begin with a look at the war on poverty, 50 years later. Then, who might succeed Lee Baca as LA County Sheriff? We'll also look at his legacy when it comes to immigration. Plus, Slate's Emily Yoffe joins us to offer some advice on dealing with workplace pet peeves, an Airbnb house in Glendale is shut down due to raucous parties, the author of "Trickster's Hat" unleashes our creative mind's potential, and much more.

LA Sheriff Lee Baca to resign, flu virus, 1994 nostalgia and more

Today we'll start with the news that L.A. Sheriff Lee Baca is planning to retire. What will that mean for the future of the department? Then, flu season is in full force in the U.S., "Saturday Night Live," hires the first black, female cast member in five years and a Glendale Airbnb house is shut down for noise. Plus, we'll check in on the CES conference in Las Vegas and much more.


Film nomads, stuntwoman Zoe Bell, flu season, WNBA and more

Today on the show, we'll hear about an effort to bring art back to California prisons, and we'll hear from State Sen. Ted Lieu about his support for the effort. Then, the ownerless LA Sparks and the future of the WNBA and Hollywood 'nomads' question the need and benefit of film tax credit. Plus, scientists seek to explain curious 'earthquake lights' phenomenon and in our latest Picture This, Angelo Merendino documents his wife's battle with cancer.