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Take Two for October 2, 2013

Rep. John Campbell on the government shutdown; What is it like to sign up for Obamacare in California?; Danny DeVito and Judd Hirsch reunite in 'The Sunshine Boys'; Picture This: Documenting the Los Angeles Dodgers; Former Guatemalan soldier accused of atrocities convicted of US immigration fraud, Etiquette Lesson: How to deal with a significant other's annoying obsession, plus much more.

Government Shutdown Closes Statue Of Liberty

Take Two for October 1, 2013

How the government shutdown will affect the average US citizen; Report finds California has highest poverty rate in US; Finding bone marrow matches is harder for some ethnic groups; LA Unified's backlog of broken musical instruments 'like a war scene'; FAQ: Navigating Covered California's health insurance exchange, plus much more.

Boehner, House Leaders Speak To Press After Republican Conference Meeting

Take Two for September 30, 2013

Fact checking the congressional budget talk headlines; What would the US economy look like if Congress passed a budget?; Why America's national health care efforts are so contentious; Public officials, activists await court ruling about oil drilling in Whittier hills, plus much more.

Sen. Ted Cruz Speaks Before A "Defund Obamacare" Town Hall

Take Two for September 27, 2013

The latest on the fatal stabbing of Dodgers fan Jonathan Denver; ACA enrollment tools delayed for small businesses, Spanish language; Decision in Jackson-AEG trial now in jury's hands; LA Beer Week celebrates LA's thriving suds scene, and more.


Take Two for September 26, 2013

President Obama promotes health care reform at community college in Maryland; House bill threatens federal food stamp program; Ask Emily: Navigating the new Medi-Cal expansion; Rep. John Campbell joins the show to discuss the battle over Obamacare; Plan to raise Shasta Lake may hinge on Sacred River, plus much more.


Take Two for September 25, 2013

Gov. Brown given 30-day extension to reduce prison overcrowding; Gulf Cartel hands out relief for victims of Mexico flooding; Irvine's Asian population booms, boosting the local real estate market; Latinos a growing force in the fight for environmental issues; The battle over San Diego's Barrio Logan; Did recent storms put a dent in the Southwest's drought problem?