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Jordan Downs housing project, tax tips, 'Mañana Means Heaven' and more

Today on the show, we'll hear about the soil contamination problems plaguing the Jordan Downs housing project. Then, with the new year approaching, we'll get some tax tips from a local CPA. Plus, Beejoli Shah takes us inside Hollywood's diversity hire program, we'll check in with 'Dreamer' Lisbeth Mateo, Tim Hernandez talks about his new book, "Mañana Means Heaven," plus much more.

Dorothea Lange

Best music 2013, banana fungus, Dorothea Lange's photography and more

Merry Christmas Eve! Today we'll hear about a deadly fungus threatening the world's banana crop, we'll hear from a UCLA nurse helping Filipinos recover after Typhoon Haiyan, and Dana Goodyear talks about her new book on the changing American palate. Plus, getting to know Dorothea Lange, the photographer behind "Migrant Mother," looking back at the year in music and much more.

California Releases Health Care Enrollment Numbers For Month Of October

ACA deadline, Hollywood news, Rap Quotes and more

Today is the deadline to sign up for the Affordable Care Act, we'll take a look at how people are faring with the exchange website. Then, we'll take a look back to some of the biggest stories of the year. Plus, we hear from a Hollywood music composer, we get our roundup of the week;s box office news and we hear from artist Jay Shells about bringing his Rap Quotes project to Los Angeles.

Lawmaker Searched Water Districts

Take Two for December 20, 2013

Today on the show we'll hear from KPCC's Karen Foshay about $2.7 million missing from the Central Basin's trust fund. Then, how payday lenders turn quick cash into a mountain of debt, we'll look at the outrage surrounding anti-gay comments made by the patriarch of the A&E show, 'Duck Dynasty.' Plus, Carey Mulligan talks 'Inside Llewyn Davis,' Washoku Japanese cuisine and more.

The sign in front of a Target store in Novato, Calif.

Target security breach, Beyoncé feminism, gingerbread art museums and more

Shop at Target lately? The store says 40 million customer may be affected by an account breach. Then, a new Pew study looks at what Asian and Latino immigrants find most important about reform. Also, tips on how to be a smart consumer in your doctor's office, Beyoncé reignites feminist debate, Brooklyn artists create gingerbread art museums and much more.

After he and his son Simon encountered both Santa Claus and Superman in an ice cream parlor, NPR's Alan Greenblatt sent out this holiday photo in 2010.

William Morris-IMG merger, gift-giving tips, Santa photos, App Chat and more

Today, we'll discuss the implications of the William Morris-IMG merger. Then, we look at the psychology behind gift giving and learn some helpful tips on managing your child's expectations during the holidays. Also, a real-life Santa tells us how to get your kids to take a memorable Santa photo, plus much more.