NFL domestic violence, immigrant education, kiddie cocktails, 'Cantinflas', Friday Flashback and more

On Friday, Take Two discusses punishments for NFL players who commit domestic abuse, preschool education for immigrants, cocktails for kids, the actor playing Latin American icon Cantinflas and a look at the week in news with Friday Flashback.

Ángel González

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Activists Protest House Farm Bill Plan To Cut Food Assistance Program

Take Two for June 19, 2013

White House threatens to veto farm bill over food stamp cuts; Rep. Matsui reflects on her food stamp challenge; Are people still excited about Google Glass?; What's the difference between a geek and a nerd?; OC arts high school connects students to Hollywood; Sports Roundup: NBA Finals, Lebron James, Yasiel Puig and more, plus much more.

Immigration Activists Demonstrate In Front Of Detention Center In New York

Take Two for June 18, 2013

House committee weighs tough immigration bill; Many migrants who die crossing US-Mexico border are never ID'd; California officials say 2013 fire season could be state's worst in a century; Apple says iMessage, FaceTime are safe from NSA surveillance; Study: Bullying among siblings as damaging as peer bullying, plus much more.


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Iran elects Hassan Rouhani as new president; DreamWorks and NetFlix join forces on new TV programs; LA job training program threatened by federal budget cuts; Are beach fire pits hazardous to your health and environment? (Photos, Poll), plus more.

Should President Obama consult Congress before any action against Syria?

Take Two for June 14, 2013

Should Governor Brown's budget do more to green up California?; UCLA predicts 40 percent drop in LA-area snowfall by mid-century due to climate change; California faces unique obstacles in implementing Affordable Care Act; Internet pioneer Leonard Kleinrock on the 'dark side' of the Web; ProPublica launches investigation into unpaid internships; LA Unified philanthropy helps students and superintendent


Take Two for June 13, 2013

NA whistleblower Edward Snowden tells China of broad hacking efforts by the US; Poll: Is Snowden a hero or a traitor?; House passes ban on 20-week abortions; Does the US need another Church Committee?; Rollout of California program offers glimpse of universal Pre-K; Oscar-winner Dustin Lance Black on the fate of Prop 8; Nancy Jo Sales and the real story behind 'The Bling Ring'; How facelifts could fuel Nicaragua’s economy, plus much more.

Dwight Gooden

Take Two for June 12, 2013

Sen. Marco Rubio pushes for stronger English requirement for US citizenship; Bill to curb sexual assault in the military dividing Congress; The latest in the Michael Jackson wrongful death lawsuit; Looking back at the Loving v. Virginia case; The real life story of Dwight 'Doc' Gooden; Sales for George Orwell's '1984' skyrocket amid NSA surveillance scandal, plus much more.