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Troubled LA Sheriff hiring, Amazon drones, wildlife management and more

Today, we take a look at reports that the L.A.Sheriff Dept. hired officers with troubled records. Then, what's behind Amazon's announcement that they plan to offer deliveries via drone? Also, how do we manage wildlife as human development encroaches more and more in into their habitat? Then we talk to LA Times reporter Rebecca Keegan for our regular segment On The Lot about the business of Hollywood.

Thanksgiving: Not just for Americans, Tyler the Creator, Taco King Roy Choi

Today on the show we'll head out to Pasadena's Union Station Homeless Center to check out their annual Thanksgiving in Central Park. Then we'll find out how other countries celebrate the holiday, plus talk to a man that doesn't go to the store to get his food - he hunts for it. All that and a whole lot more.

Pope Francis waves to faithful as he arrives for his weekly general audience in St. Peter's Square at the Vatican on Wednesday.

Jewish-Latin mashup, Pope-onomics, teaching gratitude and more

Today on the show we'll discuss Pope Francis's latest comments against trickle-down economics. Then, inside the secret Guantanamo facility called Penny Lane, we meet an East LA school that teaches gratitude every day, A new album celebrates the mash-up of Jewish and Latin music, plus much more.


California's economy, Nazi-looted art at LACMA, Tuesday Reviewsday and more

How is California's economy faring compared to the rest of the United States? How big data is transforming the way employers hire and fire, recovered Nazi looted-art to be donated to LACMA, Getting to know LA's powerful labor leader Maria Elena Durazo, Some of LA's top chefs give their Thanksgiving cooking tips, Tuesday Reviewsday: Billie Joe Armstrong & Norah Jones, Glen Hansard, and more.


Iran nuclear deal, viral marketing, North Korean meth trade and more

Today on the show, we check in with the local Iranian community about the US-Iran nuclear deal. Then, we take a look at whether successful viral marketing equals profits, children's librarian for the LA Public Library recommends the best kids books for 2013, study shows that even those with superior recall can have false memories, North Korea's relationship with the crystal meth trade and much more.

Pfc. Katie Gorz (center) served as a squad leader during the training at Camp Geiger, N.C.

Women complete Marine training, BMW's electric car, Sony cuts and more

Three women graduate from Marine Corps infantry training for the first time in history. Then, Sony Entertainment announces cuts and a shift of focus from film to TV, BMW debuts all electric i3 at LA Auto Show, Artists and DJs unite to raise support for Typhoon Haiyan victims, Jimmy Au of Beverly Hills focuses on finding the right clothes for shorter men, plus much more.