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Advocates Of Immigration Reform Rally In San Francisco

Immigration reform, HealthSherpa website, real-life Jedi, Lupita Nyong'o and more

Today on the show, GOP Congressman David Valadao on supporting Dems' immigration bill. Then, HealthSherpa site helps guide Americans through Obamacare process, migrant education program gives farmworkers' children a boost, churches help push for immigration reform plus much more.


Searching for family after Typhoon Haiyan, capturing LA's mountain lions, Playstation 4 and more

Today on the show we talk about the continued search for family members in the Philippines, The Playstation 4 makes it's debut today, National Geographic's Steve Winter captures LA's elusive cougars, plus much more.

California Lawmaker Searched

Health care exchange, Roy Choi, illegal ivory and more

KPCC's Stephanie O'Neill recaps the President's statement on the problem-plagued health care exchange rollout, food truck phenom Roy Choi talks about his new memoir and cookbook, a preview of the PS4 before it hits shelves, and author Joshua Greene on humans' neurological predisposition to be moral.

Humanitarian Efforts Continue Following Devastating Super Typhoon

ACA woes, Meatball the Bear, Typhoon Haiyan health risks and more

Today on the show we start with a discussion about the continued problems plaguing the Affordable Care Act. Then, a look at the health risks facing the victims of Typhoon Haiyan and how Filipino-Americans are rallying to help. Then, Meatball the Glendale Bear is caught up in a fight over his copyrighted name, an old California ghost town is for sale and much more.


Supertyphoon Haiyan relief effort, Trader Joe's recall, Tyler Shields and more

Today on the show we take a look at relief efforts in The Philippines, both from Filipino-Americans and from Team Rubicon. Then, Desert Hot Springs faces bankruptcy, desert solar projects face increased scrutiny for environmental impacts. Photographer Tyler Shields talks about his latest book, "The Dirty Side of Glamour" and more.

Local aid for typhoon victims, legal ruling could slow internet, being a voiceover actor

Local Californians who have family in The Philippines talk about the relief efforts here | An explainer on how a court decision on net neutrality could slow down the Internet | We go behind the scenes and behind the mic with voiceover artist Ben Patrick Johnson | Thousands of letters written by service members and veterans arrive today at Chapman University | The quandary for Fresno State's football team which shares a mascot with a local gang, and much more.