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Activists Protest House Farm Bill Plan To Cut Food Assistance Program

Take Two for October 22, 2013

Families on food stamps face cuts to benefits on November 1; Study finds breast milk sold online is often tainted with bacteria; 'Back To Normal' and the misdiagnosis of mental illness in children; Tuesday Reviewsday: Lorde, Pusha T, Gretchen Parlato and more; How the rising jellyfish population poses a threat to humans and sea life; California's newest cities face extinction; More Americans open to online dating, Pew says and much more.

Bay Area Rapid Transit Workers Go On Strike

Take Two for October 21, 2013

LA Dodgers management looks ahead to next season; What is the status of the House's immigration reform effort?; BART strike in Bay Area enters its fourth day; How depictions of slavery in film have evolved; Even the smallest pests can wreak havoc on your car; Charles Phoenix uncovers retro gems in Sacramento; How climate change may transform the Bay Area's landscape, plus much more.


Take Two for October 18, 2013

Weapons inspectors in Syria face many dangers, challenges; LA Sheriff Lee Baca found liable in inmate abuse case; LA County Probation Department understaffed amidst growing responsibilities; 'Birth of the Living Dead' looks at the rise of zombies in pop culture; The Bay Delta Conservation Plan: A solution for the Delta's future?; Study: Eating popcorn makes you immune to in-theater ads, and more.


Take Two for October 17, 2013

Calculating the real cost of the government shutdown; End of shutdown brings life and tourism back to National Parks; Keeping the dying art of hand-painted billboards alive in Los Angeles; Director Kimberly Peirce on resurrecting the classic horror film 'Carrie'; Exemption to ACA could leave many Native Americans uninsured; What you need to know about Medicare open enrollment, plus much more.


Take Two for October 16, 2013

What would happen if the US government were to default?; Biggest roadblocks to Asian mental health may come from within; The Band's Robbie Robertson on the music that changed the world; Study shows anti-gay sentiment is underestimated; The struggle over Bitcoin's future; Sports Roundup: Dodgers must win, Puig under fire; App Chat: Guilt-free entertainment for your kids, plus much more.

Relatives of victims of the slaugther of

Take Two for October 15, 2013

Supreme Court to hear arguments in Michigan affirmative action case; Why aren't the NFL's first minority Super Bowl winners in the Hall Of Fame?; Marine base expansion in Joshua Tree faces opposition; DNA from LA area immigrants could solve painful mysteries from Guatemala's civil war; The Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta's fragile ecology, plus much more.