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Take Two for August 8, 2013

Today on the show, we'll talk about a new report that says California's larger wildfires are due to climate change. We hear from a New York Times reporter about how Colorado farmers are cautiously growing hemp. In addition, New York is now offering parents low-interest loans to pay for childcare. Could that work in LA? Prison officials are questioning the motives of some of the hunger striking prisoners in California. Plus much more.


Take Two for August 7, 2013

What do SoCal veterans want to hear from President Obama?; Got Your 6 aims to help bridge the civilian-military divide; Are summer SAT prep classes worth the investment?; Gov. Jerry Brown finds tough opposition to water plan; California school districts granted No Child Left Behind waiver, plus much more.

L.A. Unified iPads

Take Two for August 6, 2013

Prominent newspaper purchases raise questions about LA Times; What does it mean to be middle class in LA?; iPad training for 1500 teachers in LA Unified begins this week; 'The Art of Wealth' tells the intimate story of the Huntington family, plus much more.

LA Archbishop Celebrates Mass In Honor Of New Pope

Take Two for August 5, 2013

Congress heads into recess without deal on immigration bill; Should undocumented immigrants be welcomed in Detroit?; Would you raise a child in downtown LA? Leaders are planning for it (poll); Archbishop Jose Gomez's vision of 'Immigration and the The Next America'; Hollywood Jobs: Taking the wheel with a Hollywood stunt driver, plus much more.

X Games 17 - Day 3

Take Two for August 2, 2013

Uruguay pushes legislation to fully legalize marijuana; Ozomatli: Getting to know the band behind Take Two's theme song; Mexico's sex trafficking networks working with drug cartels; Saying goodbye to the X-Games in LA, plus much more.

Huntington Beach riot on Main St, 7/28/2013

Take Two for August 1, 2013

Congress receives scant sexual harassment training; Pasadena's Gamble House opens up servants quarters to public (Photos); DefCon brings together hackers and government organizations; Report: Climate change and California's rising sea levels; Study shows threat of arrest not deterring undocumented immigrants; Thousands of US veterans deported after service, plus much more.