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Los Angeles Police Department officers in riot gear detain a man after disturbances in the streets around Leimert Park.

Take Two for July 16, 2013

Trayvon Martin rallies spur vandalism, arrests; Top Zetas cartel leader captured in Mexico; Is Gavin Newsom stuck in political purgatory as California's lt. governor?; Tracing Oscar Grant's last day in 'Fruitvale Station'; Why aren't quinoa growers keeping up with rising demand? Plus much more.


Take Two for July 15, 2013

What does the Zimmerman verdict mean for race relations in the U.S.?; Talking about the Zimmerman verdict with your kids; The man behind the Spanish-language radio show, 'Piolín por la Mañana'; Study: Fracking in Salton Sea area triggers earthquakes; Beachcombing: SoCal's geologic history, as told by the sand; New abortion regulations impact the US-Mexico border, plus much more.

San Diego Mayor

Take Two for July 12, 2013

The Center for Investigative Reporting has a new report out that says some female prisoners in California were sterilized without consent. San Diego Mayor Bob Filner apologizes and vows to seek help amid sexual harassment claims. Georgia is set to execute killer Warren Hill, despite his lawyers' claim that he's 'mentally retarded.' California bobcats are dying off because of mange, plus much more.

Take Two for July 11, 2013

Today we'll get an update on day 4 of the Pelican Bay State Prison hunger strike. Then, Texas laws spur underground world of flea-market abortions; A new UN report shows that Mexico has surpassed the US as most obese country; Pentagon may reduce danger pay for nearly 56,000 troops, plus much more.

DREAM Act Supporters Rally For Immigration Reform

Take Two for July 10, 2013

Is immigration reform bill headed for a slow death in the House?; Gay rights group plans state-by-state same-sex marriage fight; CrowdShake: Using smartphones to predict quakes and save lives; Nebraska researchers developing faster test for concussions, plus much more.

Take Two for July 9, 2013

Many lawsuits likely to follow Asiana Airlines accident; Do background checks on ammunition sales work?; How US casino owners made Macau into the world's gambling Mecca; CA prisoners resume hunger strike to protest treatment; How the brain creates the 'buzz' needed to spread ideas; Picture This: Photographer David Guttenfelder and the plight of the songbird; Jay-Z's album release sparks privacy concerns, and much more.