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Obama's anti-terror plan, race relations and the police, compound creams, LA money laundering, Frank Gehry in Watts, Jessica Chastain and more

Thursday Take Two will discuss Obama's recently laid-out plan to combat Islamic militants, improving relations between African Americans and the police, the latest on a compound creams investigation, why LA is a center of drug cartel money laundering schemes, improving Watts with architecture, The Wheel Thing and Jessica Chastain's role in the unique film "The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby."

whooping cough doctor pertussis

Apple Watch fashion, compound cream safety, opting out of vaccines, acidic oceans, America's best burrito and more

On Wednesday, Take Two will discuss the fashion angle of the new Apple Watch, the cause and effect of parents opting out of vaccines, early autism treatment, the safety of lucrative compound creams, oceans turning acidic and the results of America's best burrito bracket.

An Iraqi Shiite militiaman, a follower of Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, jumps to break a placard with the name of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) during a parade, in the northern oil rich province of Kirkuk, Iraq, on Saturday.

ISIS challenges, LA Muslims, college rankings, 'lost' Dr. Seuss tales, Apple's next big thing and more

On Tuesday, Take Two will discuss the challenges with ISIS, reaction from LA Muslims to the ISIS threat, the latest college rankings, a new book of lost Dr. Seuss stories, Apple's next big gadget, Tuesday Reviewsday and more.

Liberia Battles Spreading Ebola Epidemic

Immigration action, Mexico migrants, Ebola, sustainable fish, Amazon grocery delivery, On the Lot and more

On Monday, Take Two will discuss Obama postponing executive action on immigration, the decrease in apprehensions of Mexico migrants at the border, a photographer capturing the deadly Ebola outbreak, Amazon developing refrigerated grocery delivery options and the latest in the entertainment industry with On the Lot.

Los Angeles Lakers Introduce Byron Scott

New Tesla plant, interview with Byron Scott, action movies and obesity, and more

On Friday, Take Two discusses what Tesla's move out of California could mean for the economy, how one chef is promising a fast food option that is both healthy and cheap, and how about them Lakers, plus much more.

03 - Christina Bray - Pomona Prison Childcare Mothers Center Pregnant Prisoners

President Obama and immigration reform, starfish make a comeback, child care wastelands, and more

On Thursday, Take Two discusses possible actions President Obama could take on immigration and what's at stake for the White House, starfish appear to be coming back after a mysterious disease caused them to melt away, what parents do when there are no child care options available, and much more.