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Edward Snowden

Health contracts, Ebola cure, regulating sperm banks, On the Lot, drought wine and pumpkins, Indigenous People's Day, 'Meet the Mormons' and more

On Monday Take Two will discuss controversy in California health insurance contracts, crowd funding an Ebola cure, Edward Snowden at the Oscars, regulating sperm banks, Seattle celebrating Indigenous People's Day, the effect of drought on wine and pumpkins, a documentary called "Meet the Mormons" and more.


Obama millennials, San Gabriel mountains, Kim Jong Un, new Tesla S, Prop 48, Jeremy Renner and more

On Friday, Take Two will discuss what millennials think of Obama, the San Gabriel mountains becoming a national monument, Kim Jong-un not being seen in public for a month, Prop 48 about a proposed Indian casino, Jeremy Renner playing controversial journalist Gary Webb and more.

nasa astronaut space

Unrest continues in Ferguson, voting from outer space, IUD popularity on the rise, 'JIMI: All Is By My Side' and more

On Thursday, Take Two discusses new actions planned this weekend by protesters in Ferguson, Missouri, how astronauts in outer space are preparing to cast their vote for midterm elections, why more experts are recommending IUDs to young women, the music that is featured in the new Jimi Hendrix film, “JIMI: All is By My Side,” the week in California politics and more.

Turkey Syria Refugees

Islamist weapons tracking, Mexico violence, ACA mandate anniversary, Prop 46, LAUSD superintendent and more

On Wednesday Take Two will discuss Islamist fighters armed with US weapons, missing university students in Mexico, the anniversary of the Affordable Care Act mandate, more on the Prop 46 patient-safety initiative, evaluating LAUSD superintendent John Deasy and more.

DREAMERS at Obama Campaign HQ

A town without water, NBA deal expected to bring more programming to fans, Theatre of War and much more

On Tuesday, Take Two discusses NBA's new deal with ESPN and Turner Sports. Then, we'll talk to Theater of War Productions artistic director about his experience translating plays from ancient Greek. Finally, we'll look at UC Davis opened a AB540 and Undocumented Student Center.

Pro and Anti-Gay Marriage Activists Rally At Utah's Capitol

SCOTUS takes on religion, Hong Kong protests, 'ghost guns,' double mastectomies, death with dignity and more

On Monday, Take Two discusses SCOTUS taking on freedom of religion, ongoing protests in Hong Kong, a machine that makes untraceable guns, a study that challenges double mastectomy effectiveness, the death with dignity debate and more.