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Why Taylor Swift broke up with Spotify

Campaigns and credit cards, Ebola doctor quarantines himself, Taylor Swift dumps Spotify

On Tuesday Take Two discusses how much candidates rack up on credit cards during campaigns, a doctor who worked in Liberia quarantining himself in California and why Taylor Swift decided to pull her new album from the free music streaming service Spotify and what this means for the music industry.

"Lucy" Exhibit To Open In Houston Amid Protests

Elections, ancient homonid Lucy 40 years after her discovery, Joan Didion biopic

Politics, politics, remembering the discovery of an ancient skeleton that shook up ideas about human origins, and a film in the works about writer Joan Didion.

Music Jeff Bridges

Ebola workers, CHP and nude pictures, Jeff Bridges music

Ebola workers in Africa, an investigation into alleged CHP nude picture trading of female arrestees and actor/musician Jeff Bridges on his latest live album.

California doctors head to Liberia, drugs in Nicaragua, BP oil spill mess remains

California doctors head to Liberia to help Ebola patients, the BP oil spill four years later and the Clippers opening their season without Donald Sterling as owner.

Antares Rocket explodes!

Antares rocket explosion, buying drugs online, Jeff Garlin, Ceci Bastida

A set back for the private space program, people who buy drugs online that are often counterfeit or substandard, and a San Francisco lab studies the Ebola virus.

World Series Royals Giants Baseball

State vs. fed Ebola response, a cosmetic surgery convention, and learning to speak Dothraki

Ebola response at the state and federal level, a cosmetic surgery convention, and from Game of Thrones, learning to speak Dothraki.