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Forum Renovation - 5

Take Two for July 31, 2013

Medical officials check in on hunger striking prisoners in California; Picture This: The Awkward Years project; Radio host 'Piolin' accused of sexual harassment; Richmond, CA to use eminent domain for housing crisis relief; A day in the life of LA's infant and child death investigator; The Forum in Inglewood to get $70 million facelift, plus much more.

San Diego Mayor

Take Two for July 30, 2013

San Diego Bob Filner asks the city to pay his legal bills, even while two recall efforts against him launch this week. Then, big-name GOP donors send a letter urging Congress to back immigration bill; Home buyers use aggressive tactics to snag a dream home; California rehab centers commit fraud for state funding; 'Robert Williams Mr. Bitchin': How one low brow artist changed the art world, and much more.

California Prisons Layoffs

Take Two for July 29, 2013

Pelican Bay inmate Todd Ashker a legal force behind prison hunger strike; Looming strike could spell bad news for Bay Area commuters; Hans Lienesch, the Ramen Rater, on what makes a perfect bowl of instant noodles; US Air Force aims to combat pilot shortage; On the Lot: Blue Jasmine, Star Wars, plus much more.

Is Weiner sabotaging his political career?

Take Two for July 26, 2013

Do politicians never learn from sex scandals?; Veterans of long-past wars find hope in PTSD diagnosis; New age composer Iasos to give first LA multimedia performance; The science behind interval training workouts like CrossFit, plus much more.

Some of the wreckage at the site of Wednesday's train crash near Santiago de Compostela, Spain.

Take Two for July 25, 2013

How will deadly Spanish train crash affect high-speed rail plans in CA?; Law enforcement biker clubs causing trouble of their own; How does Google's Chromecast compare to competitors?; Despite need, no plans to add veterans health centers colleges; Could a beetle cause a world without avocados?; 'The End of Night' sheds light on the importance of natural darkness, plus much more.

Mercer 2438

Take Two for July 24, 2013

Rumors swirl that Jeffrey Deitch will resign as MOCA director; A new Pew study shows that a growing number of Latinos get their news in English. Can Univision's new English-language channel take off? Al-Jazeera hopes to break ground in American news market; USC under investigation for handling of sexual assault cases; Peña Nieto proposes opening Mexico's oil reserves to foreign companies, plue more.