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Take Two for September 26, 2013

President Obama promotes health care reform at community college in Maryland; House bill threatens federal food stamp program; Ask Emily: Navigating the new Medi-Cal expansion; Rep. John Campbell joins the show to discuss the battle over Obamacare; Plan to raise Shasta Lake may hinge on Sacred River, plus much more.


Take Two for September 25, 2013

Gov. Brown given 30-day extension to reduce prison overcrowding; Gulf Cartel hands out relief for victims of Mexico flooding; Irvine's Asian population booms, boosting the local real estate market; Latinos a growing force in the fight for environmental issues; The battle over San Diego's Barrio Logan; Did recent storms put a dent in the Southwest's drought problem?

Budget Battle Boehner

Take Two for September 24, 2013

What will it take to avoid a government shutdown?; The doctor is in, and lives down the road; 'Priority schools' plan is latest to remake failing L.A. Unified schools; John Parkinson: The man who made LA; Conn. court to decide whether horses are innately 'vicious' animals, plus much more.


Take Two for September 23, 2013

Today we begin with an update on the Nairobi mall terrorist attack. Then, we'll take a look at the safety of public places in the wake of recent mass shootings. Also, a new Pew study tracks the ebb and flow of undocumented immigrants in US; Rep. Becerra joins the show to talk about the status of immigration reform in the House; Wrapping up the 65th Primetime Emmy Awards, and more.

Boehner Holds Press Briefing At The Capitol

Take Two for September 20, 2013

Severe flooding in Mexico leaves dozens missing; The Dodgers clinch the National League West division title; 'Generation Iron': The modern-day bodybuilder's quest for the Mr. Olympia title; The Village People return with a new single, "Let's Go Back to the Dance Floor"; Professor says he has ID'd slave woman who wrote 'A Bondwoman's Narrative', plus much more.


Take Two for September 19, 2013

Officials say prison hunger strike leader still in control of Mexican Mafia; The American media's waning interest in the Navy Yard shooting; Is it legal to dismiss jurors based on their sexual orientation?; Starbucks CEO says guns no longer welcome in stores; Does the NFL take taxpayers for a ride?; State Of Affairs: Board of Supervisors, Jose Huizar, and more