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Take Two for May 1, 2013

We take a look back at the May Day protests of 2006 Father-in-law of Sinaloa cartel leader Joaquin 'El Chapo' Guzman arrested; Big pharma's push for the female 'viagra' pill, Osphena; Yahoo! doubles maternity leave time for employees; Federal task force says everyone 15-65 should get routine HIV testing, plus much more.

South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford Returns To Capitol After Unexplained Trip

Take Two for April 30, 2013

Valley Fever outbreak plagues inmates in Central California prisons; Will Mark Sanford's run for Congress be marred by past transgressions?; Tijuana, San Diego make bid for first binational Olympics; Rep. John Carter on the House's upcoming immigration bill; New science standards hard sell at cash-strapped Sylmar High School (Photos); 'A Short History of Nuclear Folly' and the lasting effects of the nuclear arms race, plus much more.

Marijuana Mishap

Take Two for April 29, 2013

Other fired LAPD officers want their cases reviewed after Dorner incident; Labor brokers exploit factory workers dependent on them for transportation; Michael Jackson wrongful death lawsuit begins; Washington's 'pot czar' tasked with setting up a new industry; A look inside Disney's effort to hire 3,000 veterans, plus much more.

George W. Bush Library Dedication Attended By President Obama And Former Presidents

Take Two for April 26, 2013

We'll hear from Californians who are struggling with unemployment; Is the US entering its own era of austerity?; The Senate votes to end air traffic controller furloughs; Producer Joe Boyd releases 'Way to Blue,' a tribute to late musician Nick Drake; State, federal officials meet to discuss restoration plan for the Salton Sea; Can online gaming company Zynga survive? plus much more.

Graham Nash

Take Two for April 25, 2013

Federal regulators act to curb big banks' payday lending; US Congressman Tom McClintock joins the show to explain the challenges facing the GOP; Nevada creates policy to prevent out-of-state busing of mentally ill patients; Rocker Graham Nash captures 50 years of 'Visual Harmony'; Isabel Allende tells a tale of grief, drugs and homelessness in 'Maya's Notebook,' plus much more.


Take Two for April 24, 2013

How secure is the US-Canada border?; Mexican immigrants hope reform will allow them to reunite with long lost loved ones; Is Kim Jong-Un's aunt actually calling the shots in North Korea?; Girl Scouts' LA chapter offers patch for video game development; How the Great Recession has affected young people's relationship with money, plus much more.