NFL domestic violence, immigrant education, kiddie cocktails, 'Cantinflas', Friday Flashback and more

On Friday, Take Two discusses punishments for NFL players who commit domestic abuse, preschool education for immigrants, cocktails for kids, the actor playing Latin American icon Cantinflas and a look at the week in news with Friday Flashback.

Ángel González

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Take Two for February 12, 2013

We look at who might step into Pope Benedict XVI's shoes after he leaves his post. Then, a look at the rising popularity of Pentecostalism among Latinos, Josie Huang reports on military vets working in Hollywood, a SoCal group uses lasers to make 3D models of California's missions, and much more.

Tour Bus Crash

Take Two for February 11, 2013

Pope Benedict XVI, 85, announced his resignation, citing waning physical and mental strength. Then, we look at the status of the hunt for fugitive Christopher Dorner, Connie Rice talks about race relations within the LAPD, safety concerns surface as discount buses boom in Los Angeles, military veterans join forces to take on Hollywood, and much more.

Take Two for February 8, 2013

Former LAPD chief Bill Bratton joins the show to talk about the hunt for fugitive Christopher Dorner. Then, we look at LA cop culture, Rob Lowe joins the show to talk about his latest film, 'Knife Fight," Vanessa Romo reports on how school principals who fail to report abuse are rarely prosecuted, Sanden Totten reports on this year's technical Oscars, Rob Lowe on his latest political acting stint in 'Knife Fight,' and much more.

LA Police Shootings

Take Two for February 7, 2013

Today, we'll check in with the latest on the manhunt for a suspect who shot two LAPD officers. Then, how Vee-Jay Records brought the Beatles to America 50 years ago today, D.C. and Hollywood team up to pass mental health legislation, and much more.

Boy Scouts Part II - 5

Take Two for February 6, 2013

Today, we'll look at the U.S. Postal Service's decision to end Saturday delivery. Can this move help the struggling agency? Then, Corey Moore reports on a two-mom family hoping that the Boy Scouts' the no-gays policy will end, Gov. Rick Perry urges California businesses to consider the Lone Star state, behind-the-scenes with Executive Chef at the Staples Center, and much more.

8 - Boy Scouts - Part 1

Take Two for February 5, 2013

Today we take a look at the latest immigration reform news. Then, Southern California troop leaders say eliminating ‘no-gay’ policy could revitalize Boy Scout programs, Peter Hook recounts Joy Division's short history in 'Unknown Pleasures', California’s highest court could clear legal haze on marijuana shops, we look at the strange and secretive life of In-N-Out's billionaire heiress Lynsi Torres, and much more.