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President Obama speaks on the situation regarding the IRS - DC

Take Two for May 23, 2013

Obama speech to address military drones, closing Guantanamo; Young adults a key to Affordable Care Act in California; Fashion models among skilled workers eligible for H1B visas; How effective are police helicopters at fighting crime?; El Salvador gangs say Supreme Court ruling could threaten truce; Why conservatives from Southern California are flocking to Northern Idaho; Could 'Star Trek' technology ever become reality?

Eric Garcetti Los Angeles Mayor Election

Take Two for May 22, 2013

KPCC's Frank Stoltze and Alice Walton join the show with an election roundup; Senate immigration bill approved by committee in bipartisan vote; Technology's role in saving lives before a natural disaster; UCLA study pinpoints which cities, states have the most gay parents; Telemundo and the future of Spanish-language TV in the US; Erika Aguilar reports on what's it like to fly on an LAPD helicopter patrol, plus much more.

Garcetti Greuel pano image

Take Two for May 21, 2013

We'll check in at the polls to see how the LA mayoral election is progressing, and ask why people choose not to vote?; Has Los Angeles always had a low voter turnout problem?; LA County to weigh severing ties with troubled foster-care contractor; SoCal first responders head to tornado-stricken Oklahoma; Former IRS head Douglas Shulman faces tough questions at Senate hearing; The ongoing campaign to remake Baja's tarnished image, plus much more.

01 - Port Pilots Los Angeles

Take Two for May 20, 2013

Homeland Security union says immigration bill will weaken public safety; UC hospital employees plan to strike over pension changes, pay; African clawed frogs spreading deadly fungus in California; Riding along with the port pilots of Los Angeles; Election Eve: What you need to know before heading to the polls; LA Kitchen aims to curb food waste, plus much more.

Bipartisan Group Of Senators Announce Major Agreement On Immigration Reform

Take Two for May 17, 2013

House 'Gang of Eight' reaches deal on immigration proposal; Can Trutanich survive Feuer in LA city attorney’s race?; Test driving the office treadmill desk with writer Susan Orlean; Mojave Desert star parties bring space geeks together; 'Fruit Hunters' follows Bill Pullman's quest to grow exotic fruit in Hollywood; Friday Flashback: IRS scandal, budget deficit and more, plus much more.

President Obama speaks on the situation regarding the IRS - DC

Take Two for May 16, 2013

Can House and Senate agree on an immigration reform plan?; Affordable Care Act may not cover all Native Americans; NASA's Kepler planet-hunting spacecraft in jeopardy; Teen cooking show teaches culture, cameras and chopping skills; Joe Mantegna on bringing 'Glengarry Glen Ross' to the stage, plus much more.