Hong Kong youth, Secret Service woes, female Thor, farm-to-table downfall, replacing plastic bags and more

On Wednesday, Take Two will address what the latest White House breach means for the Secret Service, comic book hero Thor debuting as a woman, farmers not getting much profit in the farm-to-table fad, what the California plastic bag ban means for tote bag companies, and more.

Marvel Comics

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Day Of Remembrance Peace Walk Held In Honor Of Trayvon Martin

Take Two for February 26, 2013

Republican leaders sign pro-gay marriage brief ahead of Supreme Court vote. Plus, we look back at what we've learned in the year since the Trayvon Martin shooting, copyright laws mean we need a new 'Happy Birthday' song, and much more.


Take Two for February 25, 2013

Today on the show, we'll have an Oscar recap with Rebecca Keegan of the LA Times. We'll also speak with a writer on the show 'Family Guy,' who helped pen Seth MacFarlane's Oscar bits. Then, the Supreme Court weighs genetic privacy rules, Deep Fernandes reports on California's new grade to ease 4-year-olds into, Kindergarten and much more.

Oscar Speech

Take Two for February 22, 2013

The LAUSD school board race is heating up and making national headlines. Plus, what makes a good or bad Oscar speech? Patt Morrison weighs in. Then, Kevin Ferguson profiles an Academy Awards orchestra member and a musician struggling to find work in the movies, and much more.

Michael Westmore

Take Two for February 21, 2013

Reporter Brian Watt has a story about the Westmore Hollywood make-up family. Plus, the Supreme Court refuses to block immigrants' deportation, Steve Proffitt hits the road in the new Tesla S, Palm Springs Modernism week highlights mid-century architecture, and much more

Bell Salaries

Take Two for February 20, 2013

OC police are still looking into the reasons why a 20-year-old OC resident went on a shooting spree on Tuesday. Then, closing arguments begin in the Bell corruption trial, environmental experts ask whether we should learn to adapt to climate change rather than change it, Pakistanis take issue with cultural inaccuracies in 'Zero Dark Thirty', how much is an Oscar worth for an actor's career, and much more.

Anonymous Gun Buy Back Program In San Francisco

Take Two for February 19, 2013

California illegal gun confiscation initiative gains notice nationwide. Plus, how much does it cost to get an Academy Award nomination? KCET's Chris Clarke reports that solar energy has its own set of toxic side effects, Somali-Americans plan to return home to help rebuild, and much more.