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Protesters march for missing Mexican students, baseball's first gay umpire and straight talk about vaccines

All over the country, protestors march for missing Mexican students, baseball has its first openly gay umpire and the growing popularity of the "single service" salon.

rain traffic brake lights

Gentrification, lousy NBA teams, Brooke Shields

Gentrification and the forces behind it, bad performances by big city NBA teams, Brooke Shields opens up about her mother.

Ferguson protests in LA

Police building relationships with the community and how Mexican folk music is telling the story of the missing students

Building relationships between the police and the public, Mexican Corridos and the missing students, an investigation into the use of psychotropic medications for foster children and why we spend money for the holidays.

Jazmin Ortega at Turkey Trot LA

Ferguson and personal bias, turkey trot marathons and Tears for Fears - they're back.

How personal experience explains the debate over Ferguson, why turkey trot marathons are gaining in popularity, and the band Tears for Fears marking the 30th anniversary of their hit album.

Protesters In LA React To Grand Jury Decision In Ferguson Case 

Ferguson decision aftermath, what US-Mexico border sounds like, Shazam app's effect on music industry

What happens now after the Ferguson grand jury decision, what the border sounds like when a composer gets involved, and how the Shazam app has changed the music industry.

uber rideshare taxi

Uber revolt, war in cyberspace, gender imbalance in film

Reaction to the controversies surrounding Uber, fighting war on a fifth front--cyberspace--and women still underrepresented in film.