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Britain Ebola Vaccine

Ebola nurse volunteer, why Brazil likes immigrants, Andrew Carnegie's love for public libraries

A nurse working in the Ebola zone, why Brazil welcomes immigrants, and why Stephen Hawking joined Facebook.

Doctor Quarantined At NYC's Bellevue Hospital After Showing Symptoms Of Ebola

ISIS women, Ebola fear, 'The Odyssey' project

How ISIS recruits women, the fear of Ebola in light of a case in NYC and an event that tackles Homer's "The Odyssey" with a group reading.

Police Shooting Missouri

Michael Brown autopsy, race in America, George Clinton's new memoir

The leaked Michael Brown autopsy, a new book "Who We Be: The Colorization of America" looks at racial attitudes and George Clinton shares the evolution of funk.


Ebola flights, Latinas and cancer, lead at gun clubs

Ebola. Some experts say a travel ban is a distraction. Genes protect some Latinas from breast cancer, and gun ranges with high levels of lead.

Caption contest

New head of LA schools, women in war, remembering Oscar de la Renta

New L.A. schools superintendent Ramon Cortines, a documentary about boundary-breaking women in war, and remembering designer Oscar de la Renta.

A World Health Organization worker trains nurses how to use Ebola protective gear in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

Chinese buy up LA real estate, prudence or panic over Ebola, a slew of superhero movies ahead.

A working nurse describes what she wants to protect health care workers against Ebola, a boom in Chinese investors in an LA suburb, Brad Pitt rules the box office, and a quest for the world's funniest human.