NFL domestic violence, immigrant education, kiddie cocktails, 'Cantinflas', Friday Flashback and more

On Friday, Take Two discusses punishments for NFL players who commit domestic abuse, preschool education for immigrants, cocktails for kids, the actor playing Latin American icon Cantinflas and a look at the week in news with Friday Flashback.

Ángel González

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A photo taken from a monitor at the Koro

Take Two for January 8, 2013

A new CA bill proposes the strict tracking of all bullets and shotgun shells sold in the state. Plus, a judge rules that names in the LA archdiocese sex abuse files should be public. Then, 'Awesome Tapes From Africa' blog transports obscure tunes beyond Africa's borders, the Mars500 experiment is over...How did the six volunteers fare during 500 days of solitude? Plus much more.

School Bonds - 9

Take Two for January 7, 2013

Kids at LAUSD campuses return to school today for the first time since the Newtown shootings. Have enhanced security measures been put in place yet? Plus, we'll check in with students and parents as they arrive to school. Plus, a new study shows classroom design can have an affect on kids' grades. Then, school citations remain high despite reforms, gadgets and gimmicks take center stage at Consumer Electronics Show, and much more.

Zero Dark Thirty

Take Two for January 4, 2013

Will policy chief Michele Flournoy be the first female secretary of defense? Plus, depictions of torture in 'Zero Dark Thirty' prompt a Senate inquiry; A biofuel-carrying train crosses the US-Canada border, reaping fraudulent carbon credit rewards; San Diego's water supply is evolving because of new demand and a massive desalination project in the works, plus much more.

House Members-Elect Pose For Group Photo At The U.S. Capitol

Take Two for January 3, 2013

The 113th Congress is to be sworn in today, ushering in 14 new faces. Then, what issues are ahead for California in 2013? President Obama's new immigration policy could ease separation time for immigrants and their American families, and dialect experts convene in Boston for a conference about the development and new trends in American English, plus much more.

House Deliberates On Budget Deal Past Fiscal Cliff Deadline

Take Two for January 2, 2013

Today we take a look at what's next in the wake of a fiscal cliff deal. Plus, an economist theorizes that the U.S. is nearing an end to a period of growth that began in the 18th century; LA County animal shelters managed to not euthanize any healthy animals in December; Scientists are working to save endangered frogs from a deadly fungus, plus much more.

Revelers Celebrate The New Year In NYC's Times Square

Take Two for January 1, 2013

Happy New Year! Today's show is on tape because of the holiday. Today we'll air segments about how the Afghan Army is struggling with low enlistment and high desertion from soldiers; Whether animals enjoy drugs or suffer from disorders like humans; 'Jeopardy' star Ken Jennings dispels parental myths, plus much more.