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Indian musician Ravi Shankar performs on

Take Two for December 12, 2012

We remember the amazing life and career of sitar maestro Ravi Shankar. Plus, in an enlightening new investigative report by Bloomberg finds that public employees in California are way over paid, how gay marriage supporters won over voters in four states, why people dislike the UC logo and brand changes in general, and much more.

Mercer 14565

Take Two for December 11, 2012

Childhood obesity rates are inching down in Los Angeles and other major cities. Plus, SCOTUS will rule on key provision in the Voting Rights Act, Florida universities may freeze tuition for in-demand STEM majors, SpongeBob Squarepants joins the show to talk about his new Christmas album, and much more.

Dr. Seuss

Take Two for December 10, 2012

We look at the Supreme Court's role in guiding social change. Plus, the Mormon Church creates a new website calling for compassion for gays. Then, why your baby needs a flu shot this season, a new book looks at the secret life of Dr. Seuss, and the L.A. Dodgers drop big money on two new players...will this equal wins? Plus much more.

Vincent Van Gogh

Take Two for December 7, 2012

President Obama and Mitt Romney spent a record-breaking $2 billion on their campaigns. Plus, Vincent van Gogh's 'Self-Portait' comes to L.A., and our fair city gets its first poer laureate, Eloise Klein Healy, LAUSD wants to make arts core to curriculum, but it won't be easy. Then, Friday Flashback, The Dinner Party and actor Robert Carlyle joins us to discuss his new film, "California Solo."


Take Two for December 6, 2012

Unrest builds in Cairo as Egyptian army creates barrier around the presidential palace. Plus, a study finds that cell phone companies dodge rules for natural disasters, Alison Martino and her project Vintage L.A. takes us back in time to the Los Angeles of yore, Eddie Izzard joins us to talk about his run at the Steve Allen Theater in Los Feliz and much more.

John Boehner Lights Capitol Christmas Tree At Ceremony

Take Two for December 5, 2012

Today, we take a look at House Speaker John Boehner's complex position between President Obama and conservatives. Plus. Actress Ashley Judd is exploring a possible run for the Senate in 2014, one man hopes to transform billboard ads into living ecosystems, Obama meets with tribal leaders and much more.