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Asian American Immigration

Take Two for March 07, 2013

Today we'll take a look at why there's a shortage of women on LA's City Council. Then, what's the possible fallout from the failure of Measure A? A new study says pessimism is good for your health, declining interest in Chicano Studies in US universities reflects a Latino identify shift, Asian Americans have their own priorities for immigration reform and much more.

Los Angeles Mayor

Take Two for March 06, 2013

Today on Take Two, we're all about election results! Eric Garcetti and Wendy Greuel joins us to talk about the race for L.A. mayor. Plus, LAUSD Superintendent John Deasy joins us to talk about the school board race, we take a look at the life and legacy of late Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, and much more.


Take Two for March 5, 2013

Today is election day! Patt Morrison joins the show to tell us about the colorful history of LA's mayors of yore, plus, workplace wellness programs are becoming costlier, musician Helado Negro joins us to talk about his new album, Steve Proffitt explains how the iconic Mamas and the Papas song "California Dreamin'" came to be and much more.


Take Two for March 4, 2013

California Republicans met in Sacramento for their three-day spring convention. We'll get an update from the ground in the State capitol. Then, GOP pac hires Ruben Barrales to widen Latino support, we talk to business owners who'll be effected by sequestration cuts, LA Times reporter Rebecca Keegan joins us for a Hollywood update, Music & Memory non-profit group reaches Alzheimer's patients where little else can, and much more.

Boehner Holds Press Briefing At The Capitol

Take Two for March 1, 2013

On the final day before the automatic spending cuts known as sequestration take effect, Take Two checks in with California Congressmen Tom McClintock and Xavier Becerra about the budget impasse. Music writer Melissa Locker goes through the playlist of what makes a great rock anthem for a state, what should California's be? And if you're looking to dine out this weekend, you might want to head to Rosemead's Bahooka, a family-run tiki restaurant that's been serving crab puffs and fruity cocktails since 1967. Sadly, Bahooka is closing later this month. Vintage LA's Alison Martino prepares her eulogy and gives us the history of tiki in southern California.

Mercer 14352

Take Two for February 28, 2013

A spotlight on the homeless, today, with the court fight over the seizure of homeless people's belongings in LA's Skid Row, and the effort to count the youths living on Fresno's streets. Also, the US Census drops the word, "negro," former NBA star Dennis Rodman's visit to the secretive state of North Korea, and more.