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House Holds Hearing On Benghazi Consulate Attacks

Take Two for June 4, 2013

Chinese President Xi Jinping to talk trade during Mexico visit; Darrell Issa: The man behind the AP, IRS and Benghazi investigations; California state parks launch new overhaul effort; Picture This: A laid-off Chicago Sun-Times photographer moves on; GoldieBlox game encourages girls to build engineering skills plus much more.

Powerhouse Fire - 10

Take Two for June 3, 2013

First we'll have an update on the Powerhouse Fire; Could California's solar success kill off the state's big utilities?; Why hasn't Obama done a public event in California since taking office?; GoldiBlox game encourages girls to build engineering skills; As popularity grows, California rabbit farmers struggle to keep up with demand, plus much more.


Take Two for May 31, 2013

Obama urges Congress to stop increase in student loan rates; Barbara Boxer on how to curb sexual assault in the military; Who should provide education to juvenile prisoners with special-needs?; Ex-Chivas USA coaches file racial discrimination suit; UC Irvine violinist makes beautiful music with a $5 million Stradivarius; Alexander Skarsgard goes rogue in 'The East'

Prop 8 - 8

Take Two for May 30, 2013

Supreme Court could reject California's Prop 8 on a technicality; Poll: Prop 13 still popular, but in need of reform; What can gay couples teach straight couples about harmony?; Deepa Fernandes reports on why your daughter may not have been born loving pink; Who decides what should be banned on social media?; David Kwong, the magician behind the magic, plus much more.

Options Head Start - 1

Take Two for May 29, 2013

California Senate, Assembly issue budget proposals; Sen. Barbara Boxer calls for probe of San Onofre power plant; Congressman Jeff Denham explains criticism of high speed rail plan; Imperial Valley farmer worries about how drought will affect his livelihood; Sequester cuts hit Monrovia Head Start program, others soon to follow; How an election in a small Washington town could change the planet, plus much more.

Mercer 4425

Take Two for May 28, 2013

Abuse allegations bring to light Catholic Church's secret files; Water officials meet to address Colorado River drought; What’s the future of LA’s marijuana dispensaries?; Santa Ana credit union helps unbanked Latinos create financial security; Getting to know Gov. Jerry Brown with The Atlantic's James Fallows; US agency aims to create more resilient rice, wheat crops, plus much more.