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Take Two for November 27, 2012

Today, President Obama meets with small business owners and middle-class Americans to discuss the fiscal cliff. Then, we look at why freshman Democrats and Republicans are segregated in Congress, How Tijuana kitsch is still alive and well, David Denby of The New Yorker asks "Do The Movies Have A Future," and much more.


Take Two for November 26, 2012

Today we take a look at the latest news coming out of the Middle East, including Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi's latest power grab. Then, the U.S. is facing the worst drought in 25 years, California couples are turning to social media to find open adoption opportunities, John Horn of the LA Times gives us a year-end movie preview and much more.

Monarch the bear

Take Two for November 23, 2012

Take Two is on holiday today, so today's show is a collection of some of our favorite segments from the past few months. Hope you enjoy!

Los Angeles International Airport

Take Two for November 21, 2012

It's holiday travel time again! We look at how airlines are working to improve their on-time statuses and how LAX workers are protesting during the busy holiday. Then, we'll look at how to put a multicultural spin on the Thanksgiving turkey, how baristas are competing for the best latte art and much more.


Take Two for November 20, 2012

We'll discuss whether U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice is a good choice for Secretary Of State. Rice has come under fire following comments she made after the terrorist attacks in Benghazi. Then, a Pasadena Council OK'd the use of the Rose Bowl for NFL games, but not everyone's happy about the decision. Then, how the NHL lockout is affecting local businesses and the Kings' fanbase momentum, stolen petroglyphs shock archaeologists in Bishop, and much more.


Take Two for November 19, 2012

Today we check in on the conflict between Israel and Palestine. What will motivate both sides to stop the fighting? The conflict isn't just being waged on the ground, but also via social media. Then, Wal-Mart employees nationwide are preparing for a series of protests on Black Friday. We talk to the author of "Bet The Farm" about why food prices are what they are, and much more.