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Anonymous Gun Buy Back Program In San Francisco

Take Two for February 19, 2013

California illegal gun confiscation initiative gains notice nationwide. Plus, how much does it cost to get an Academy Award nomination? KCET's Chris Clarke reports that solar energy has its own set of toxic side effects, Somali-Americans plan to return home to help rebuild, and much more.

Rockets Lakers Basketball

Take Two for February 18, 2013

Lakers owner Jerry Buss died today at the age of 80, we'll take a look at his life and career. Then, Kitty Felde reports about how immigration reform will affect kids in foster care, Kevin Sites's new book reveals what soldiers won't say about their experiences, a Harvard researcher claims calorie couts on nutrition labels may be way off, and much more.

A meteor's vapor trail above  the city of Chelyabinsk, Russia, on Friday.

Take Two for February 15, 2013

The shock wave from a large meteor over Western Russia shatters windows and nerves. Plus, Pamela Anderson unwittingly helps a promote a company accused to running a $30 million stock scam, Tess Vigeland finds out when it's legal to pick your neighbor's fruit trees, Deepa Fernandes reports that less than half of American babies are breastfed at six months, and much more.

Cardinal Mahony Announces San Antonio Archbishop Jose Gomez As Successor

Take Two for February 14, 2013

The LA Archdiocese quietly added two-dozen new names to its list of members suspected of abuse. Then, new research shows lovers' heartbeats match up when they're together, an online auction is selling off Joey Ramone's private record collection, the Dinner Party guys are back with more weekend conversation fodder and much more.


Take Two for February 13, 2013

We'll update you on the latest on the Christopher Dorner incident. Plus, we'll pick apart President Obama's State of the Union address and take a look at how Marco Rubio's bilingual speech marks GOP's new effort to reach out to Latinos. Then, NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg donates $1 million to LA school board election, why Sriracha is so popular among Americans and much more.


Take Two for February 12, 2013

We look at who might step into Pope Benedict XVI's shoes after he leaves his post. Then, a look at the rising popularity of Pentecostalism among Latinos, Josie Huang reports on military vets working in Hollywood, a SoCal group uses lasers to make 3D models of California's missions, and much more.