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Laemmle to show ‘The Interview,’ border wait time app, holiday travel with kids

Laemmle co-owner Greg Laemmle talks about the decision to screen "The Interview." A new app keeps drivers in the know about U.S.-Mexico border traffic, and a travel writer speaks in defense of parents flying with children.

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The Assata Shakur story, Silicon Valley’s gender gap, gift concierge’s last-minute shopping ideas

A woman who was involved in a police shooting in the 1970s and fled to Cuba could now face capture. New York Times reporter Jodi Kantor talks about the gender gap in the Silicon Valley, and the gift concierge shares her ideas for last-minute holiday shoppers.

Americans' portrayal in North Korean films, privacy and security in an ever-connected world

North Korea's once thriving film industry falters, finding security and privacy in the always-connected world, sorting out the villians in the Sony hack.

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Sony's management style, a history of politically controversial films, Robin Williams' last movie

Sony's Amy Pascal's support of artists could hurt her, films that have drawn political fire, and Robin Williams' last appearance in 'Night of the Museum 3.'

U.S. intelligence officials believe North Korea was centrally involved in the recent attack on Sony Pictures' computer network — possibly out of retribution for its film The Interview. Above, a security guard stands outside a theater during the film's pre

'The Interview' cancelled, how hackers hack each other, kids' belief in Santa Claus

Sony axed the release of 'The Interview', a company that hacks back at hackers, and new research shows kids aren't really buying Santa Claus.

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Mechanics of the Sony hack, LA police get body cameras, Gena Rowlands new leading role

LA's ambitious plan to outfit officers with body cameras, a threat against theaters that show Sony's 'The Interview,' and the return of actress Gena Rowlands.