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Confirmation Hearing Held For Robert McDonald, Nominee To Head Veteran's Affairs Department

Immigration court, new VA secretary, Gene Ween and more

Today on the show, we start with a look at how migrant children are being processed through immigration courts. Then, an update on the flooding and water main break at UCLA. Then, KPCC's Sanden Totten fills us in on the latest science research, we look at how was has changed in US history textbooks, the new VA secretary pledges action for veterans in first 90 days, Gene Ween returns with a deeply personal album and much more.


UCLA flood, Immigration crisis, processed foods and more

Today, we'll begin with a discussion about the water main break that flooded the UCLA campus on Tuesday. Is aging infrastructure to blame? Then, will Obama use executive action to curb the migrant crisis? Plus, the Lakers get a new coach, a scientific paper touting necessity of processed foods draws nutritionists' ire, why is Kim Kardashian's app so popular? The life of a professional "rabbit" and much more.


Dodgers TV, VA revamp, Gaza tunnels, budget Big Sur and more

Today on the show, we hear the latest on the Dodgers TV drama. Then, the legal battle between Donald Sterling and the Clippers. Plus, three Big Sur lodging options big in beauty and small in price, UC Davos students hope to shave a year off medical school, study finds fist bumping is more hygienic than shaking hands, Veterans Affairs gets a revamp, Gaza tunnels and much more.

A school nurse prepares a vaccine against whooping cough before giving it to students at Mark Twain Middle School in Los Angeles.

Migrant crisis, whooping cough, Father Greg Boyle and more

Today on the show, we start with a look at whether the House GOP will be able to pass migrant crisis legislation before August recess. Then, why aren't Nicaraguans migrating to the U.S.? Plus, you can now add whooping cough vaccination to your back-to-school list, frustrated, a young immigrant returns to Mexico, Father Greg Boyle of Homeboy Industries on his meeting with President Obama and much more.


Central American presidents, MIles Tackett, Rob Reiner and more

Today on the show we start with a discussion about President Obama's meeting with the presidents of Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador about the border crisis. Then, the L.A. juvenile immigration court docket has expanded lately as more Central American minors arrive here. Plus, Rob Reiner on 'And So It Goes' and finding new love at an old age, threatened red-legged frogs return to the Santa Monica Mountains, local Cambodians give testimony, await Khmer Rouge verdict, plus much more.


Obama in LA, USC season pass perks, 'Divergent' author and more

Today on the show, new research shows we've been using up groundwater reserves in the Colorado River basin at an alarming rate. Then, water districts around the state are floating the idea of raising property taxes to fund water tunnel infrastructure. Plus, migrants from Central America are being scammed by con artists who say that they can only get their kids back if they pay cash, director Anton Corbijn on directing Phillip Seymour Hoffman, 'Divergent' author on her runaway hit and much more.