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Los Angeles Unified School District Superintendent John Deasy in a photo taken last year. Deasy stepped down as head of the district on Thursday after a controversial tenure.

Resigned LAUSD Superintendent John Deasy speaks, Latino politics, weekend preview, Friday Flashback

What does it take to run a big city school district, Latino politics, fun and almost-free weekend events and Ebola panic on the Friday Flashback.

Los Angeles schools Supt. John Deasy

LAUSD Superintendent Deasy to resign, gun responsibility, tribal casinos, the Wheel Thing and more

On Thursday Take Two will discuss news that LAUSD Superintendent John Deasy is set to resign after iPad controversy and what that means to parents and the district, how responsible parents are for their children's gun actions, a Central California Indian casino remaining closed among a tribal battle, and the Wheel Thing looks at the Indian motorcycle.

Health Care Worker In Dallas Tests Positive For Ebola Virus

The psychology behind Ebola fears, how doctors persuade reluctant parents to vaccinate and exploring the lives of undocumented immigrants through theatrical production and a lot more

On Take Two today we'll talk about the psychology behind the Ebola scare and find out how pediatricians talk to parents wary of vaccinating their kids. Plus we'll get the latest in sports news with Andy and Brian Kamenetzky and talk to California native Christen Press, who's a forward on the U.S. Women's Soccer team.


Bay Area faults, Vatican attitudes toward gays, Ebola in airports, 'Les Mis' in Hong Kong, Tuesday Reviewsday and more

On Tuesday Take Two will discuss Bay Area faults, a new Vatican document about attitudes towards gays and lesbians, if you can catch Ebola on a plane, a "Les Miserables" song becoming an anthem in Hong Kong, Tuesday Reviewsday and more.

Edward Snowden

Health contracts, Ebola cure, regulating sperm banks, On the Lot, drought wine and pumpkins, Indigenous People's Day, 'Meet the Mormons' and more

On Monday Take Two will discuss controversy in California health insurance contracts, crowd funding an Ebola cure, Edward Snowden at the Oscars, regulating sperm banks, Seattle celebrating Indigenous People's Day, the effect of drought on wine and pumpkins, a documentary called "Meet the Mormons" and more.


Obama millennials, San Gabriel mountains, Kim Jong Un, new Tesla S, Prop 48, Jeremy Renner and more

On Friday, Take Two will discuss what millennials think of Obama, the San Gabriel mountains becoming a national monument, Kim Jong-un not being seen in public for a month, Prop 48 about a proposed Indian casino, Jeremy Renner playing controversial journalist Gary Webb and more.