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Los Angeles Vies For Grant To Add Toll Lanes To Freeway System

Take Two for December 4, 2012

Conservative activists are gathering in the nation's capitol to talk immigration reform. Then, why has deferred action slowed since its start in August? Does an 'immortal' jellyfish hold the key to everlasting life? Plus, new 110 toll lanes causing confusion for some drivers, and comedian Steve Mazan talks about his 'Dying To Do Letterman.'

The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Make An Official Visit To Cambridge

Take Two for December 3, 2012

The royal family announced that Kate Middleton is pregnant! Plus, we take a look at the popularity of Anime in the U.S., and the success of animated feature films at the box office. Then, a new YouTube telenovela focused on HIV issues and much more.


Take Two for November 30, 2012

President Obama meets with Mexico's new President Enrique Pena Nieto. Can Nieto quell drug violence and turn his country's economy around? Then, how a minuscule bug is wreaking havoc on pine forests and contributing to global warming. Plus, NASA is trying to downplay previous claims that they have groundbreaking news from Mars, and much more.

Federal Appeals Court Rules Anti-Gay Marriage Bill, Proposition 8 Unconstitutional

Take Two for November 29, 2012

Gay marriage and gay conversion therapy will both get their days in court this week. Plus, the OC Register's new published emphasizes print and beefs up the newsroom, Congress fails to pass the Sportsman Act, leaving the Federal Duck Stamp in limbo and much more.


Take Two for November 28, 2012

The latest news about unrest in the Middle East. Plus, the ACLU has filed a lawsuit challenging the U.S. military's women in combat policy. Then, a new study takes a peek inside a rapper's brain, a salmonella outbreak may cause an organic peanut butter shortage, and much more.


Take Two for November 27, 2012

Today, President Obama meets with small business owners and middle-class Americans to discuss the fiscal cliff. Then, we look at why freshman Democrats and Republicans are segregated in Congress, How Tijuana kitsch is still alive and well, David Denby of The New Yorker asks "Do The Movies Have A Future," and much more.