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Take Two for November 6, 2012

We'll check in at the polls to see how voters are voting this morning. Then, both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney have been flying all over the U.S. during their campaigns, what's the environmental impact of all that traveling? Plue, Pat Krug tells us about the world's rarest whale, we talk to urban planner Jeff Speck about his quest to create more walkable cities, Jens Lekman joins the show to talk about his new album, "I Know What Love Isn't," and much more.


Take Two for November 5, 2012

We break down Prop 32 and help you find resources to get informed before election day tomorrow. Plus, a summary of the California ballot and two LA-area measures in haiku form, we factcheck the multitude of political radio ads currently on the airwaves, we look into the historical accuracy of 'Homeland' and much more.

Breeders' Cup

Take Two for November 2, 2012

Both Obama and Romney focus on job numbers and economy as their campaigns close in on the final stretch. Plus, new drug policy for racehorses affects The Breeders' Cup at Santa Anita Park, we fact check the large number of campaign radio ads running this election cycle, and much more.

Romney Campaigns Throughout Virginia

Take Two for November 1, 2012

President Obama and Governor Romney are back on the campaign trail. Meanwhile, New Yorkers are getting back on their feet after Hurricane Sandy. Producer Mary Plummer visited a school in Chelsea to survey the damage. Plus, community health clinics are on the rise in Los Angeles and across the country, Ruben Martinez joins the show to talk about his new book "Desert America," DJ Kid Koala visits the studio to spin some jams and much more.

George Lucas Poses With A Group Of "Star Wars" Inspired Disney Characters At Disney's Hollywood Studios

Take Two for October 31, 2012

We check in on the clean-up effort on the East Coast in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. Plus, what's next for the Star Wars franchise now that Disney owns Lucasfilm? Will FEMA's swift response during Hurricane Sandy help heal the organization's tarnished image? Then, Massachusetts voters weigh passing a controversial initiative to legalize physician-assisted suicide, we talk to the author of the book "The Last Walk," which looks at how to treat aging and sick dogs, and much more.

Hurricane Sandy Bears Down On U.S. Mid-Atlantic Coastline

Take Two for October 30, 2012

We check in on the status of Hurricane Sandy, and survey the destruction in New Jersey, New York and in the Caribbean islands of Cuba and Haiti. Plus, Molly Peterson reports on rising sea levels and whether California is prepared for a storm like Sandy. Then, music critic Drew Tewksbury gives us a playlist for Halloween, we fact check political ads and much more.