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President Obama And First Lady Attend Inaugural Balls

Take Two for January 22, 2013

Today we talk about President Obama's second inaugural speech, what his administration plans to do about climate change, airport and air travel safety, Kim Dot Com's new online venture MEGA, and a mom living in Chicago who writes a surly parenting blog called Baby Sideburns.

Oprah Interviews Lance Armstrong

Take Two for January 18, 2013

Today, we take a look at part one of the Lance Armstrong/Oprah Winfrey interview. Then, can Congress save the struggling U.S. Postal Service? John C. Reilly goes country with a little help from his friends Becky Stark and Tom Brosseau, and we take a further look at the intersection of a pregnant woman's civil liberties and the rights of the fetus. Plus the Friday Flashback and your Weekend Alibi.


Take Two for January 17, 2013

How do California's strict gun laws match up with President Obama's 23 executive order for gun control? Then, Oakland, California is caught in a turmoil of gun violence because of a gang feud. We also look at the rich history of the Presidential inaugurations and the role music plays in ushering the President into office. Plus much, much more.

VP Biden Meets With Video Game And Entertainment Industry Leaders To Discuss Gun Control

Take Two for January 16, 2013

This morning, President Obama and VP Joe Biden announce their plans to curb gun violence. Even though California already has some of the strictest gun laws, some lawmakers are working harder to curb gun violence. Then, a researcher calls for a change to Scrabble's point system, an L.A. photographer documents prison inmates' 'Re-Entry' into society, and much more.


Take Two for January 15, 2013

Lance Armstrong reportedly admitted to doping in an interview with Oprah Winfrey, though details are not yet public. Will this big score for Oprah give her struggling cable network, OWN, a boost? Severe air pollution in Beijing, China is causing a frenzy in the state-run media, plus much more.

Cold Snap Endangers California Citrus Crop

Take Two for January 14, 2013

A Southern California cold snap threatens citrus farming, plus, we take a look at L.A.'s first public fruit orchard. Then, California's prison realignment causes dangerous row of dominoes at local level, a California judge will rule if a 12-year-old boy guilty of murdering neo-Nazi father two years ago, the Los Angeles Kings skate back on the ice, and much more.