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Police Shooting Missouri

Latest in Ferguson, Hollywood war veterans, three-wheeled vehicles

The latest in Ferguson, Missouri as they await a grand jury decision in the Michael Brown case, an organization that pairs veterans with Hollywood jobs and a vehicle that is somewhere between a car and a motorcycle.

Sgt. Jarrod Simmons speaks to his squad of Marines before they head out on a training march with 55-pound packs on Feb. 22, 2013, at Camp Lejeune, N.C. The Marines and the other military branches must open combat jobs to women in 2016. More than 160 femal

US and China's global warming plan, female veterans challenges, the bad effects of sugar

The US and China's agreement to combat global warming, the difficulties women veterans face, and a new site that shows the science behind why sugar is bad for you.

farmer hands strawberry crops

Declining ranks at veterans clubs, do strawberries pose danger, new life for old 78 RPM recordings

Veterans clubs try to appeal to young vets, concerns grow about a fumigant used in strawberry farming, and Jack White brings old 78's back to life.

American Legion Veterans

Veterans' issues, poor track records of nursing homes and fall TV survivors

Veterans seek conversation about their roles in war and peace, poor track records of nursing homes and why so many freshman TV shows survived cancellation.

philippines haiyan

How Facebook can fight Ebola, Californians helping to rebuild in the Philippines, quidditch in real life

Facebook has a plan to expand Internet and cell phone access in Ebola-stricken areas, how Californians are helping to rebuild the Philippines one year after Typhoon Haiyan, and a documentary showcases real-life quidditch played by UCLA students


Congressional women, college 'success fees,' why we should care about net neutrality

The significance of 100 women in Congress simultaneously, what are student "success fees", and why no candidates campaigned on net neutrality.