TED Radio Hour for Thursday, April 17, 2014

What's The Difference Between Belief And Faith?

Speaking at TED in 1998, Rev. Billy Graham marvels at technology's power to improve lives and change the world. But he says technology and science can't do everything: "There's something inside of us that is beyond our understanding." Graham's daughter, Anne Graham Lotz, reflects on her father's idea of the nature of faith.

Is Doubt Essential To Faith?

Writer Lesley Hazleton calls for a new appreciation of doubt and questioning as the foundation of faith — and an end to fundamentalism of all kinds.

How Does A Person Go From Believer To Atheist?

When two young Mormon missionaries knocked on performer Julia Sweeney's door one day, it put Sweeney on a quest to completely rethink her own beliefs.

What Can Atheism Learn From Religion?

Alain de Botton suggests a "religion for atheists" that incorporates religious forms and traditions to satisfy our human need for connection, ritual and transcendence.

Are There Any Universal Beliefs And Truths?

Devdutt Pattanaik takes an eye-opening look at the myths of India and of the West, and shows how these two fundamentally different sets of beliefs about God, death and heaven help us consistently misunderstand one another.
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