Tell Me More for Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Minority-Owned Banks Play A Real Role In Recovery?

The Congressional Black Caucus Foundation holds its annual conference this week. Host Michel Martin talks with Representative Chakah Fattah of Pennsylvania about the foundation's new investment in minority-owned banks. Michael Grant, president of the National Bankers Association, also joins the conversation.

Is Nina Davuluri 'American Enough' To Be Miss America?

When Nina Davuluri won the Miss America pageant this past weekend, some people on Twitter said she wasn't "American enough." Host Michel Martin speaks to Davuluri about her title and the reaction to it.

What Does 'American' Beauty Look Like?

The new Miss America, Nina Davuluri, has been getting a lot of attention — but not all of it is positive. Host Michel Martin speaks with the ladies of the Beauty Shop about the pageant, and the idea of American beauty.

Latinos 'Not Just A Chapter In U.S. History'

The new PBS series Latino Americans takes a look at the 500 year history of Hispanics in North America, and how it's shaped their identities today. Host Michel Martin speaks with award-winning filmmaker Adriana Bosch about the series.

Pitbull On Music From His Latino Side

Cuban-American rapper Pitbull digs funk and hip-hop. But for Tell Me More's 'In Your Ear' segment, he talks about some of the songs that speak straight to his Latino side.
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