Tell Me More for Thursday, October 3, 2013

Government workers across the country are still shut out of their jobs - and they're telling their stories. For the latest on the budget stalemate and how people are affected by the shutdown, host Michel Martin is joined by Federal Diaries columnist Joe Davidson of The Washington Post.

Rick Najera: A Latino In Hollywood Is 'Almost White'

Rick Najera's name may not sound familiar, but his work is famous in Hollywood. Host Michel Martin talks with the funnyman about his career and his book Almost White: Forced Confessions of A Latino in Hollywood.

A Second Golden Age Of TV?

What's a TV fan to turn to, now that Breaking Bad is over? Host Michel Martin speaks with NPR TV critic and correspondent, Eric Deggans, about who's new on the tube this season and what might be worth a watch.

A Global 'Soul Quest' With Jazz Artist Keiko Matsui

Jazz artist Keiko Matsui poured her heart into rebuilding Japan after the tsunami there. Her latest album, Soul Quest, focuses on love, loss, spirituality and environmental consciousness. She speaks with host Michel Martin about how she sends a message without any lyrics, and why she got detained during her tour in Europe.
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