Tell Me More for Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Bipartisan Group Slowed Down By Shutdown?

The political organization No Labels says its members are trying to move past partisan politics, and focus on solving problems for the country. But did the government shutdown and the debt ceiling debate slow down the No Labels movement? Host Michel Martin speaks once again with Congressmen Reid Ribble, R-WI., and Jim Cooper, D-TN.

Cities Grapple With Pension Debt

Dozens of local municipalities are facing major budget issues, with pension debts getting much of the blame. And many city workers are finding their retirement funds in danger, or worse. Host Michel Martin speaks with Michael Fletcher of The Washington Post, about the issue.
The history of African-Americans is a long and complicated one. Scholar Henry Louis Gates Jr. is trying to tell that story in a new PBS documentary, The African Americans: Many Rivers to Cross. He speaks to host Michel Martin about tracing the African-American experience from the second inauguration of President Obama to the first African explorer.

Maryville Case: A Parent's Worst Nightmare

Missouri teen Daisy Coleman says she was raped last year by a high school senior after she snuck out of her house. Tell Me More's parenting roundtable talks about the story and how to keep teenagers safe.
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