Tell Me More for Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The biggest gains in graduation rates have been among Hispanic and African-American students. Tell Me More looks at the numbers, and finds out what is holding some students back.

Caine Prize Winners Close Out #TMMPoetry

Tope Folarin and Binyavanga Wainaina share their Twitter poems and read some of their favorites from Tell Me More's National Poetry Month series "Muses and Metaphor."

Getting Back Your Unclaimed Cash

People often have money waiting for them that they don't know about, like those coins beneath the sofa cushions, only better. Consumer columnist Sheryl Harris explains how to find and claim your cash.

What Would Dad Do?

There are countless blogs and books for moms and by moms. But now more dads are asking, "What about us?" Robert Nickell talks about his new web show "My Life As A Dad."

Autism, Like Race, Complicates Almost Everything

Parenting any child requires getting comfortable with a degree of anxiety. But parenting an autistic child who is black carries a distinct set of challenges, says one mother.
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