Tell Me More for Thursday, May 1, 2014

A botched execution in Oklahoma is raising new questions about the death penalty around the country. Karen Kasler of Ohio's Statehouse News Bureau and The Dallas Morning News' Wayne Slater explain.

Black Colleges Face State Funding Crunch

Student diversity is increasing at historically black colleges and universities, but often, state support is shrinking. A new report suggests strategies for HBCUs to win support.

Tribal Colleges Do More With Less

Native Americans face unique challenges to paying for college, including high poverty rates. We hear how tribal and other colleges are finding new ways to help these students succeed.
A new tool lets job recruiters filter candidates based on race, gender and veteran status. Civil rights attorney Cyrus Mehri sorts through the legal questions about this program.

Playwright Pearl Cleage Opens Up

Many people keep their own youthful experiences with drugs and sex secret from their kids. Not author and activist Pearl Cleage. She talks about her new memoir Things I Should Have Told My Daughter.
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