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Photos: 'Haunts' provide actors with gigs as ghouls and ghosts

by Collin Friesen | The Frame

A crowd of zombies and demons at Queen Mary's "Dark Harbor" Queen Mary's "Dark Harbor"

If you live in Los Angeles you know this to be true: Hollywood loves Halloween. With haunted hayrides, houses, mazes and cruise ships, L.A. has totally embraced the theatricality — and profitability — of Halloween, which provides the perfect opportunity for out-of-work actors.

At some of Hollywood's spookiest haunts, you'll find actors who get gigs portraying ghouls and trolls during the Halloween season.

At the Queen Mary haunt, there was Laurnea Wilkerson — a Grammy-winning R&B singer — who was sporting a green face and crazy hair.

“I do a different kind of scare," Wilkerson said. "I don’t scream. I sneak up by you, and you think you’re talking to your friend, and you turn around and I have one line, 'How’s my hair?'"

Meanwhile, Steve Sheldon, director of the Queen Mary's "Dark Harbor" show, explains that the number of Halloween shows has grown along with the size of its audience: "We used to see not very many people bring kids under 13, but more and more people's kids have seen more and more horror flicks, so they're not as sensitive to it."

But don't dismiss everything you see as just another haunted house. Jon Braver, creator of the sold-out stage show, "Delusion," explains: "We've been doing this for four years now, and it's an interactive theater experience. And people dig it."

People enjoy these haunts so much that for performers like Matthew Rosevalley and Matthew Peschio, "This is steady income for October, so it's good. That's the game — one month at a time."

You can find out more about Jon Braver's play, "Delusion," here, and here's the website for The Queen Mary's "Dark Harbor."

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