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'Underground' showrunner Misha Green; Coachella promoter launches new fest

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Director Niki Caro; will the writers strike?; illustrator Claire Keane

Caro's latest film is “The Zookeeper’s Wife," but her next project, the live-action version of “Mulan,” will make her only the 4th woman to have a budget over $100 million; The Writer’s Guild is negotiating its next contract, and there has been talk of a strike over wages for TV writers; children’s book author/illustrator Claire Keane worked with her Disney animator father on a story about Rapunzel that is being turned into a TV series.

Creating 'The Americans'

"The Americans" creator Joe Weisberg and fellow showrunner Joel Fields talk about creating their 1980's Russian espionage show in the era of Russian hacking. The two are joined by director Chris Long– who shot some of the show in Moscow– to talk about creating a family drama that's also a secret agent story.

Remembering 'Beast' lyricist Howard Ashman; 'Good Grief' play; new Drake tunes;

The 1991 Disney animated film "Beauty and the Beast," is considered by many to be a classic. But the man behind the lyrics of some of our favorite songs never got to see the final film. We put together this oral history/remembrance of his life and legacy; “Good Grief" is a new play by LA-based playwright Ngozi Anyanwu that can help people cope with their own losses; Drake’s new album "More Life” was the soundtrack to this past weekend. Literally.

L.A. Phil's Deborah Borda; RIP, Chuck Berry; Discostan

Deborah Borda is leaving her post as CEO of the L.A. Philharmonic to run the N.Y. Philharmonic; filmmaker Taylor Hackford recalls making his 1987 documentary about Chuck Berry; Discostan is a monthly club night that features Middle Eastern music.

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